Does anyone feel like the work is piling up and you time is not on your side?

I definitely do.

Life is so busy, all the time, lots to think about academically, emotionally, physically. Taking it out of me. I have to now think about the transition of moving from shared living in a therapeutic community to independent living. Its causing much anxiety. Its something I always wanted for myself, to live independently, constructively but now that the time is hear I am fearful that I may not manage as well as I hope to.

I have become comfortable in my home for the last 6 years, the idea of leaving is scary, not to mention doing this with the pressure of a demanding course that means I am out on placement 3 days of the week, the other 2 days I am at uni, and the little time that I have left I try and engage in the sport I love.

Life feels tough at the moment.