Like many graduates, we constantly fret for the future, and the impeding doom that graduation brings means there is nothing but the big wide world at  your feet.

Many mantras are thrown around like “The World is your Oyster” or “If you’re not careful it will chew you up and spit you out”

Equally both are true, it all depends on your resolve and your will to work and improve and of course a certain element of fear is present throughout, as students, we often have to worry about our futures and making the next right step!

For many of us, going to University, any university was the right step but afterwards, the choice is boundless and getting on to the professional career path is the main priority, but how the fudge do you decide, how the hell do you decide what is the right next move.

The best thing to do is to NOT MAKE THAT DECISION, many of us forget that we can always change, and that a year is not a long time anymore, if something is not right for you anymore just change.

For me now, its about making the all important next step, and whittling down decisions is impossible, everytime I get anywhere close, I change again, as soon as I come to a reasoned decision, something else comes along that also sounds interesting, the limits are boundless.

I’m just working towards a future I want and as long as I keep improving, thats the main thing and that is all I’m gonna worry about!

Good luck to everyone who is on their penultimate year!