And so the closing speeches come for the third year, this has  been a very different year for me, usually in my closing posts, I talk about overcoming a problem, or developing, but this year, for me anyway, it has been trying to identify why depression sets in and what is actually is.

At least on terms I can understand, and that in itself has been extremely helpful. I know earlier this year I had some huge trauma, which I had to work through, but now it’s completely changed my direction in life and made me who I am today.

We can never stop changing as people and I think that is one of the great things about being young, is the exciting road ahead.


I know this post will be short, especially for a closing one but my blog posts do a lot of summing up in them, and this is to emphasise that the problems we face are momentary, and that we all have the power to work through them!

Look to the future ahead, and the work required of you now and you will always change, never let depression or a persistent low mood deprive you of your future, focus on that and you will get through it!

Would like to thank everyone for sharing in this year with me, and good luck to all those on this project! I hope you have found it as useful as I have.


Very best of luck x x