This year has been quite sporadic with keeping up with blogs, but second year was a whole new kettle of fish, no idea how I’m going to cope with third year, but fingers crossed for that first!

I have been asked to write a catch up blog for December, January and February – strange I know to be writing for so long ago but here we go.


For most of us, this is the penultimate month before exams hit, and so usually I was busy revising and finishing coursework ready to leave for the Christmas Break, aside from this, I was dealing with the house of horrors, with literally the worst housemates ever! Almost to the point I was contemplating leaving that house for another, which in hindsight, I wish I did. But anyway, what got me most was the constant rowls and double standards for the couples to the single people – and since the other two couples were never there, this left me!


January was not too bad, usually this month is packed with exams and shizz, but all I had was one multiple-choice exam, which I did very minor revision for; I was very cocky with this exam, due to the ease of the format, I barely revised and only got by with 50%, in hindsight, I should have tried much harder as it was such an easy chance to gain some good marks, especially since in the final exam, we were given two crib sheets, so this module was very easy to score well in, which I threw away. Hopefully I got through with a 2.1 in this module though.

January was very quiet, most of us were only there for our exams and then left, luckily, they all left, leaving me with a bit of peace and quiet to prepare for the new year.


This month was indeed a tad depressing, but I wouldn’t say I was depressed, I was turning 21 this month and I’m always funny getting a bit older, the times I use grindr and get chatted up by 18 year olds – thinking you are too young lol!
I think I’ll be fine when I’m old and decrepit, but the journey getting old is killing me, literally! I’m now using anti-wrinkle cream and gallons of moisturiser, so hopefully keeping the wrinkles and sagging skin at bay!

I was really ill over my birthday but my friends were adorable, they surprised me whilst I was dying in bed, brought over the worst bottle of wine, on the assumption that because it had  cork, it had to be nice wine. I was mortified, as the room was a mess and I was far from glamorous lol! But it was still sweet!

Then the same friends took me to dinner on my actual birthday as like they said, I couldn’t suffer in bed on my 21st, the real shenanigans didn’t occur until the weekend after when friends from London came down and surprised me in Cardiff! such a brilliant night from what I can remember and the snippets I’ve been told about.


All in all, it has been a pretty successful year at university, and I cannot wait to start the next adventure after university, not it’s so close!
Just waiting for my results, which are published the first friday of July I think

Very best of luck everyone!

Pete x