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hopes and the future

Posted 18th June 2010 by Alma

challenges, fears, hopes and dreams….sometimes even thinking about the future can be too much… looking towards the future… wow…even the word is intimidating….the future…it means so many things: the unknown, challenges, obstacles, possibilities, choice, change, chance, success and potential failures…it also means being able to think beyond today, and that’s something we don’t always do […]

A Love-Hate Relationship

Posted 14th June 2010 by Alma

how being part of this blogring has made me feel… My love/hate relationship with the blogring. This is going to be a hard entry to write, but I feel it’s necessary for me to do it.  Not only am I compelled to explain why I’ve been away for so long, but also, perhaps, as a […]

Taking the Time to Heal

Posted by Alma

March was a month of coming to terms with self negotiations… March – a month in which I marched over my own needs I negotiated for quite a while to sort the length of my temporary leave from academia.  I negotiated with my therapist, who generously wanted me to take an entire year off.  This […]

How Therapy Saved My Life

Posted 13th June 2010 by Alma

what happens when someone who spends their whole life ‘living to work’ suddenly discovers that this way of life is killing them…   I must apologise for my absence from the blog.  I’m sorry I have been so absent from not only posting, but from sharing and commenting on other’s blogs.  Emotionally and mentally, I […]

Being Here

Posted 6th February 2010 by Alma

Sometimes, we do know best! There’s a certain irony to this… Part of the reason why I joined the blogring was to try and not only help myself but help others too.  As my depression began to rear its ugly head again, I knew that my connection to this group would keep me honest about […]

Crash and Burn

Posted 2nd February 2010 by Alma

sometimes it’s not just depression….sometimes it’s a symptom of something much more wow, what a difference a month makes…well at least in the knowledge area. I have to say that this time around the depression and accompanying anxiety were merely symptoms of something much larger and far more frightening…I indeed was having a breakdown.  It […]

Trying to Name the Madness

Posted 27th December 2009 by Alma

This is more than depression.  The trouble is, I don’t know what else it is, but I do know I’m immobilised by it… At first i thought this was just standard depression….of course it’s been building…and i think it’s been building again for years…perhaps even before i left home…and i’ve been running from it…but when […]

My Christmas Present to Myself

Posted 17th December 2009 by Alma

Sometimes you just can’t do it alone, so my Christmas present to myself is to go back into therapy. Over the years, I’ve been given a number of tools to help control my depression.  At times, they have been quite useful and have helped me to come out of the funk that sometimes surrounds me. […]

Feeling Too Much

Posted 3rd November 2009 by Alma

It’s been a hard month — and it’s only getting harder. I’ve had some serious ups and downs lately….more drastic than before.  I’ve had some amazing things happening in my life balanced out with some caustic devastation….It’s been a hard month. I leave in a couple days to go home and see my family…I haven’t […]

wading through it all

Posted 7th October 2009 by Alma

How I’m dealing with it so far Hi Everyone, I’m Alma.  I’d love to say that today is a good day, but it’s not.  Reading my own story left me gutted and I’m not sure how to shake this feeling today.  I’ve spent so much time this past year running from depression…keeping myself busy…to avoid […]

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