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So…this is the end.

Posted 14th July 2009 by Anala

A culmination of things… probs not all good, but not necessarily bad. Well, hi. I guess you can tell it’s been a busy time. More of a upsetting time tbh, I’ve been feeling pretty crappy to be fair. Cut a long story short, cos I could expound all day about my prrooooooblems. 1. Guy? Fuck […]

Aww you guys

Posted 5th June 2009 by Anala

I was actually feeling pretty distressed and anxious, then I came on and read all the comments and it just me :). First things, thanks to all the love from my fellow bloggers. I’m so glad that I’m involved with this blogring. As Tomas says, I’m Miss Popular (haha). But honestly thank you so much […]


Posted 30th May 2009 by Anala

You know that old adagio that things are always right under your nose… well I guess I never saw how things were under my nose. **SPOILER** – Potentially very cringe-worthy entry. Good vibrations (BEACH BOYS) to all the bloggers and hope your exams went well. BIG LOVE to Daniel and esp Tomas, my homeboy, your […]

It’s ridiculously hot…

Posted 25th April 2009 by Anala

…inside my room! Why is it so hot … makes it difficult to study. Yah, the heat is bothering me – I go for a walk everyday to get a break from revision so I can some sun and air – but it’s 2.30am and my room is so stuffy (yes I have opened the […]


Posted 20th April 2009 by Anala

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.   Comments Posted Comment by Tomas posted on Thu, 07/05/2009 20:49 Gotta love a girl that talks dirty 😛 Comment by Anala posted on Thu, 07/05/2009 19:36 Oooof damn! Let me […]


Posted 15th April 2009 by Anala

Why is everything I own broken?? Yet my heart is a little dented, a little bruised, but still intact. Well I wrote a little comment on Tomas’s last post, but my laptop imploded (on its own) and lost all my work, including my dissertation. Shizer. Yes I know I should have backed it up…it was […]

I may be broke, but I am rich in other ways.

Posted 28th March 2009 by Anala

I feel very lucky to have the support of my friends and also my online blogger family 🙂 Sorry guys I’ve been a bit AWOL, I should utilise this blog more, the last comments on my past blog post made me feel really warm. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. I know that we are […]

I am here, there’s no cheer

Posted 24th February 2009 by Anala

Long time overdue, I know. This may be a very long post, or short one depending on how I’m feeling. Which is, numb. Makes a change from suicidal and highly strung. And stressed. Which are emotions that run through my mind. A lot. However recently I’ve just been really really upset. I cry a lot […]

New Year, New Me?

Posted 17th January 2009 by Anala

If the year started badly, you have nothing to lose right? New Year’s Eve. Terrible. Let’s just leave it at that. But if the start of the year is rubbish than it can only get better right? I’ve been having on and off blue moments, but some of it is linked to hormones and wotnot […]


Posted 27th December 2008 by Anala

It’s funny how you can think of yourself as highly independant and forget the little things you’re dependant on… So Xmas is over. Went quite well I think. Cooked dinner spent time with my mum, watched lots of TV. Dragged to sales yesterday with one of my best friends Lana and my mum. Tiring but […]

So 2008 is over right?

Posted 15th December 2008 by Anala

Ok a long awaited blog post, I apologise…uni likes to pile on a lot of work on you at the end of term. A lot of stuff has been happening over the last month or so – end of November through to December. Quick update – money situation has resolved itself a bit. I was […]

Smiles and Frowns

Posted 20th November 2008 by Anala

“Money, money, money, must be funny – in a rich man’s world” I’ve had a very up and down month, ridiculously so. To cut a long story short, I’m completely flat broke, overdrafts, credit cards, everything maxed out. And I also lost my job, because they were cutting people at work because they couldn’t afford […]

So the leaves are turning…

Posted 3rd November 2008 by Anala

Things have been up and down for a bit, with things getting me down slowly and slowly but then other things are looking up… I’ve been really sad over the past couple of weeks, mainly situations with certain people around me getting me down. I really liked this guy who said he’s confused about his […]

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