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The Final Chapter in a Vintage Year

Posted 26th June 2009 by Andy

Just closing the curtains on thsi blog really. My results, my plans for the future… this kinda thing. So, here it is. The end. Not a bad thing though neccessarilly. I’ve had a really good year frankly. By and large, my moods have been good, and i’ve really had a chance to sort my head […]

Here’s one I wrote earlier…

Posted by Andy

Forgot to post this at the end of May, so here it is, in full HD, soon to be followed by a more up to date entry. Right, so i’ve finally found myself with a bit of time in which to write this post. I basically want to reflect a little on how i think […]

Hot Hot Hot

Posted 2nd June 2009 by Andy

Perfect weather for fighting off the blues I genuinely believe it’s a lot harder to get down about things when the sun is out… Sorry if anyone isn’t feeling the same, but i just can’t be sad in weather like this. It’s beautiful! Had a pretty good week this week. I had a post exam […]

Some Thoughts

Posted 17th May 2009 by Andy

Nothing Specific, just fancied a vent to myself and whoever else wants to read. So, i had 2 exams last week. One on thursday and on on friday. The first went ok, the second was dreadful. The thing about this which is confusing me is that i’m not bothered. Whether or not i do well […]


Posted 1st May 2009 by Andy

That’s all i can think about at the moment This seems like the first time i’ve used the site in a long time. It’s been a long month i guess. My last entry seems to have disappeared too 🙁 Not sure why but never mind i guess. My exams start in a couple of weeks. […]

Early March…

Posted 26th February 2009 by Andy

Early March… Hello, yeah, as i said, thought i’d get this one in a little early. Hoping to myself that getting some of this stuff on paper (or monitor) will help clear my head a little. Before i get into it, i’d like to again apologise for my lack of comments. Hectic month again! Also, […]

Down Is the New Up

Posted 2nd February 2009 by Andy

yeah, this month has been a little worse than previous ones but i’m not feeling ‘depressed’ as such Yeah, January is so often a tough one when it comes to months! I’ve been struggling to keep my head above the workload i seem to be drowning in. It’s purely having a dissertation to do on […]

Happy New Year!

Posted 3rd January 2009 by Andy

New Year, New Blog. My Christmas in some detail and how i’m feeling about term re-starting. Hello again, hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. Mine were lovely to be perfectly honest. I’m back in my house again now having been at my mums for just a couple of days. I can honestly […]

Rudolph the Red Nosed Blog

Posted 1st December 2008 by Andy

Yeah…sorry about that. Just another catch up really. Bit worse of a month this time but not too bad. Yep, it’s cold. That’s been the most notable change in the last month to be honest. My house has suddenly become what, when getting out of bed, seems like sub-zero. It’s crazy. We’ve got the heating […]

Keeping The Ball Rolling

Posted 7th November 2008 by Andy

Been back for a month now, overall i’m pretty happy with things although there’s a couple of things i need to sort out. Hi again, Despite saying i’ve been back for a month, it’s actually been a little longer. Anyway, that’s irrelavant; Uni is going alright, I’m just about managing to keep on top of […]

Back to Uni

Posted 14th October 2008 by Andy

Just a little bit about me and how i’m getting on so far in my scary 3rd year :S So yeah, Hi, I’m Andy, this is my first blog for the website so hopefully it’ll be ok! I’m just starting my 3rd year now, been back a week now so i’m settling back into the […]

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