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Au revoir

Posted 12th June 2010 by Aron

I just came in to say good bye Well, I thought I would post one final time as this blog comes to an end. I wanted to share a reflection with you all as sort of a parting point. I think it will sum up the year of blogging I’ve done and give you, the […]


Posted 18th May 2010 by Aron

So I saw my boyfriend for the first time in months…and felt numb the whole time he was here. So, I saw my boyfriend for the first time in months.  I was really looking forward to seeing him, but noticed even before he arrived that I wasn’t all that keen on him coming. I’m in […]

The Fear

Posted 30th April 2010 by Aron

So the fear has set in. The fear of exams coming up. The fear of being assessed. The fear of having to resit if I fail! Yes, I am happy to confirm that the fear has in fact set in. I’m shitting myself with how much I have to learn over the next month and […]

Out of Character

Posted 7th April 2010 by Aron

I’ve fallen into an old, familiar habit as of late. Will I rebound out? So I’ve been having problems with my relationahip for the past few months. My partner and I have spoken very little owing to the fact that we’re both very busy with exam preparation. Well, that’s really making it sounds like we […]

Doing ok

Posted 17th March 2010 by Aron

Feeling ok….it feels nice So when depression hits I feel like I just can’t sleep enough or eat enough carbs (sugar, bread, crisps). I also feel heavy and like I can’t do anything well. I also can’t imagine going to the gym. And then when I feel better I feel completely the opposite. Right now […]


Posted 24th February 2010 by Aron

Ever think of praise as a bad thing? It can be… So I think a big ‘Thank You’ is in order to everyone who commented on my last blog. Your comments were all really supportive and helpful to me. In the last posting I was really upset about my flatmate announcing that he wanted to […]

A step backwards?

Posted 13th February 2010 by Aron

So my flatmate (and good friend) wants to move out at the end of the contract in June… Right, so I’ve mentioned before that I like my flatmates. That’s still true. I think they’re great. So yesterday my one flatmate – he’s a second year student – came to me and said that he was […]

Feeling better?

Posted 7th February 2010 by Aron

Don’t you hate when you can’t really tell if you’re feeling better? And is that in itself something to be worried about? So I have been feeling better in my mental health recently. I think. I still have minor dips occasionally, but I feel like I’m operating at a much higher, stronger level than I […]

Surviving home

Posted 18th January 2010 by Aron

I did it…I survived home! And now I’m back, and hoping for a shift in paradigm So, I’m happy to say that I survived Christmas at home! It was a good holiday – I saw my family and friends who I really missed quite a bit. The weather was ok – it could have been […]


Posted 30th November 2009 by Aron

Two weeks and a few days until I go home….and I’m worried! So, as those who’ve read my story will know I’m not from these parts – I’m an international student here in the UK. So, this time of year I spend a solid 3 weeks online looking to book a flight to go home. […]

Counselling <>

Posted 16th November 2009 by Aron

To be counseled or not to counseled…that is my dilemma! So in my last blog I mentioned that i went to the GP and was referred to see a counsellor. Well, I got the referral letter the other day and now I have to call them to make the appointment. However, I’m now doubting if […]

Feeling better

Posted 4th November 2009 by Aron

Good…getting better….but still not great Ok, here we go again. I tried updating my blog a few weeks back but my update was lost in to the deep dark world of the internet, never to be found again! So here we go again. So, I’ve been doing much better this year. Those of you who […]

What am I doing here??

Posted 18th September 2009 by Aron

Or maybe a better question to ask is “how do I get out of here?” I have to ask myself – what am I doing here on this website? I’m reasonably intelligent, I come from a good, loving family, and I have amazing friends. I have many hobbies and interests. I have a balanced view […]

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