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Posted 22nd June 2011 by Dani

Well, this is my final entry. This might get kinda long because I want to round things up properly and do this justice, this blog has meant a lot to me! This is it I guess, my last entry. Where do I start? I guess I should update on what’s going on in my life […]

I made it!

Posted 1st June 2011 by Dani

I’ve done my last exams and I’m waiting for my results, I graduate next month. It’s been such a struggle at times but I’m so glad I got through it, I’m so excited about the future! This won’t be my last entry but I just felt I needed to blog now with a little update […]

Bad Timing.

Posted 7th May 2011 by Dani

I’ve been feeling really fucking awful for the past few days. I’m sure it’s just the stress – I handed my dissertation in, I’m writing my final essay, my exams start soon. I’m so close to the end of university, of getting away from all of this. This is not a very positive update, I’ll post […]


Posted 26th April 2011 by Dani

Too much is happening at the moment, I feel utterly lost in it all. My dissertation is totally overwhelming, I know it’s meant to be and that everyone feels like it, but it doesn’t stop the sense of panic every time I open the word document and look at what I’ve written so far. It’s […]

Blind panic.

Posted 13th March 2011 by Dani

I don’t think I have ever felt so much stress and anticipation – this is my last few months at university and my life is about to change dramatically… Sorry I haven’t updated for a while – have had lots on with my dissertation research and general uni stress. I got my exam timetable yesterday […]


Posted 14th February 2011 by Dani

It’s valentine’s day tomorrow (well technically today but I haven’t gone to bed yet!) We were asked to maybe think about valentine’s day and how it makes us feel so I thought I’d have a go at sharing my thoughts. When I was younger, I absolutely hated it. In my early teens my mum used […]

Stepping on the cracks.

Posted 30th January 2011 by Dani

I thought I’d take some time to think about my new years resolutions, and ambitions I guess. When I was a child I remember watching one of my friends jump from slab to slab on the playground with a very serious expression. When I asked her what she was doing she explained that she absolutely […]

Exam stresssss

Posted 21st January 2011 by Dani

Sorry I haven’t updated for a while – have just finished this load of exams so I finally have time to think & reflect again. This is just a quick update, I’ll post a proper one as soon as I can! Christmas was..well really bloody brilliant actually. I got to spend it with my girlfriend […]

Trying to stay afloat.

Posted 2nd December 2010 by Dani

Last time I updated I was feeling really positive, but a few things have really knocked me back over the past week, I’m really struggling now and I can’t because I have too much to do, I can’t afford to not get out of bed or sit around crying.. A big part of it has […]

Christmas spirit.

Posted 25th November 2010 by Dani

I think I’ve actually got some this year! Although that in itself is quite scary.. I’m excited and anxious at the same time. November has gone so quickly! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, I’ve been really, really busy. Dissertation and essays and going to see my girlfriend has pretty much filled my time […]

Not giving in.

Posted 29th October 2010 by Dani

Procrastination, ambivalence, isolation, frustration..and trying to stay positive in the face of it.That pretty much sums up the last month. The past month..well, I don’t know where to start.It’s been so busy and stressful and not fun. (Please excuse my language over the next few paragraphs!) Being in my final year means dissertation and modules […]


Posted 2nd October 2010 by Dani

Just a shortish introduction to say how things are at the moment, I’ve just started my final year which is both exciting and terrifying! Hi everyone, I’m Dani.If you’ve read my story you’ll already know that I’ve got a pretty long history of depression and anxiety, and that I’ve been struggling with self harm for […]

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