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Closing Time

Posted 27th June 2009 by Daniel

Rounding up all that’s been and gone over the last 10 months and the experiences of the blogring Hello for the last time blogringers, It’s not without a twinge of sadness that I’m writing this, as is always the case when saying goodbye to something that has been a part of your life for a […]

Is that…sunshine?

Posted 3rd June 2009 by Daniel

Hey hey bloggers, the weather’s not bad is it? I’m not going to write too much today because a) there’s not too much to update on since the last entry and b) I want to go and have a kickabout in the park…. Well, exams are over….YEEEEESSSS!!! I literally jumped in delight when my last […]

Merry May

Posted 18th May 2009 by Daniel

Bonjour blogringers, sorry it’s taken me so long to write this entry but I have been outrageously busy (mostly) over the last few weeks. I should be revising now but I’m having a break. I had my week of exams straight after the Easter break which is definitely up there with the most tedious weeks […]


Posted 8th April 2009 by Daniel

Happy April to you blogringers, hope you’re all enjoying that British rarity we call sunshine. March has been another good month for me, so it’s mainly more positives here. More than ever I’ve been enjoying the freedom and independence of university and probably doing what I should have been doing about 18 months ago when […]

Happy March

Posted 7th March 2009 by Daniel

I can never think of anything interesting to put in here… What’s up blogringers? There certainly seems to be a big contrast in how people have been this last month, but it’s good to see a lot of activity on the site, both in people doing well and sharing their well-being with us, and those […]

A sunny February day

Posted 11th February 2009 by Daniel

All the exciting happenings of the last 4 weeks. Hey fellow bloggers, Hope you’re all doing well, obviously we’ll find that out once everyone has blogged this month! I’m feeling pretty chirpy today and it’s been a good month. It hasn’t been hugely eventful but that’s just what I wanted, so no complaints there. I’m […]

First post of a very different 2009

Posted 16th January 2009 by Daniel

Broken hands, broken relationships and new beginnings. Happy 2009 to everyone. My new year has started with a bit of a bang and a ridiculous number of things cramped in to a small space. Firstly I would just like to say that I am right-handed and my right is currently bandaged up, has two big […]

Overdue blog

Posted 12th December 2008 by Daniel

Overdue blog First off, apologies for the lateness of this, I’ve been bogged down and will try harder to find time in future to blog when I’m actually supposed to, and make a few comments on other people’s blogs. I know I’m going to have lots of time over the next week or so once […]

Very Original Blog Title 2

Posted 4th November 2008 by Daniel

A summary of the last month’s happenings, the way things seem to be improving and what might be in store next. Here’s hoping that my blog doesn’t get annihilated half way through by either the internet doing something strange or my computer freezing. The latter being one of it’s current favoured activities, but my laptop […]

Intro blog

Posted 15th October 2008 by Daniel

Introduction about me, being back at uni, being on a new course, keeping my mood levels up etc. Hi, I’m Daniel, and I’ve been back at uni now for just over a month, and it’s been an interesting and eventful time. As I mentioned in my introduction on the yahoo website, I had a really […]

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