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July – looking back

Posted 3rd July 2011 by Dave

A good chance to see how this year has benefitted me and what ive learnt   After this very silly period although I am alot better and did avoid major catastrophe I do feel a little embarrassed, again! Its probably a set of thoughts that I need to deal with, everybody has down periods and […]


Posted by Dave

A phoenix (sort of)   a holiday and a chance to reduce some of my commitments was exactly what I needed. I think often that is all you need when things are going badly. Its so important to surround yourself with good people. People who value you for who you are and will care and […]


Posted by Dave

Crash and burn   Everything is fine when your swept up in the day to day, until something goes wrong. I think its then that if your really not that strong things can go bad very quickly. This is exactly what happened. I was unprepared for a teaching session and the resulting disaster of a […]


Posted by Dave

Overheating   so ive been away from my blog for quite a while. I have had a bit of a bad few months since my last blog. I thought I would update each month and then do a final blog for July as a final update. April I was going great guns but completely took […]

Sometimes life goes by in a fl

Posted 1st March 2011 by Dave

An easy month so I must make the most of it Its funny how quickly life can turn from being terrible to good again. After the hell of January, Feb has been fantastic. Im training hard so I feel fit and healthy in myself, work is going well and my relationships are really sorting themselves […]

Is it the weather?

Posted 1st February 2011 by Dave

Exhausted and its only the start of the year.   What a genuinely awful month!I started out with such good intentions and finally some energy after the christmas break. I had been desperate to get back to the research and actually achieve something this year. But since getting back I feel like I have been […]

Rest relaxation and reflection

Posted 3rd January 2011 by Dave

I think what I need to start doing is live more in the moment and not so much in the past and future worrying about events I cannot control   After one hell of a busy term I finally made it to December and the chance to take a break. I always tend to overwork […]

Exercise and Christmas break

Posted 1st December 2010 by Dave

I’m finally fit again and ready for a break. I don’t want to stop being alert to my illness though and waste any more time. My injury is finally better and I am ready to damage myself with some serious exercise. Seriously I am so relieved that I can finally get fit again and start […]

Coping, Just!!!

Posted 31st October 2010 by Dave

A busy month but not really that much to worry about, I wish I could do some exercise though…..   I was right that this was going to be a very busy month/term but as usual the amount of fear I had was completely pointless¬†and unproductive. It really frustrates me that element to my personality, […]

Alot to do…

Posted 7th October 2010 by Dave

Term is coming and I can feel the nott start in pit of my stomach. As much as I pretend that the next few months is going to¬†be a breeze I know it wont be. Perhaps that is me being far to negative but it certainly will be a busy few months.   One of […]

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