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Uni, ucas, teachers

Posted 8th March 2011 by Daya

Well it’s March and I have 3 interviews all lined up for uni at the end of March, one rejection from my first choice and 1 yet to still here from. I am feeling very nervous and worried about getting in as you probably already know, demands are high for uni theis year due to […]

January blues

Posted 14th January 2011 by Daya

Hey all, I wonder how you are all doing now that xmas and new year is over? Personally, I am very happy that New year has been and gone. I am now back at college and it finally feels normal again. It took a week or so to get over the blues and guilt of […]

Xmas and new year

Posted 21st December 2010 by Daya

Hi all, Well xmas is approaching along side the new year. I have to say, I don’t really mind xmas, it’s new year that I can’t stand. There is too much hype about doing something great, spending it with someone special. Too many feelings come with this time of year. I find it particularly depressing […]

How’s everyone doing?

Posted 27th October 2010 by Daya

Hi, I was wondering how everyone is doing? I, this September have just started studying again after around 8 years and I am finding it quite stressful and anxiety provoking. I have so many things going on in my life, it is a struggle to keep up. Anyone have any suggestions? I mean I have […]

January Blues

Posted 14th January 2002 by Daya

Hey academics,   Gosh, it’s January, that means only half way to go! Kinda! First Semester was challenging with added stresses of life. Semester B I anticipate to be equally stressful with the year I have ahead of me! How to manage? Thus far, I have not been overly hard on myself. If there are […]

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