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New year, new attitude?

Posted 23rd January 2016 by Dean

Well, the New Year has been and gone, and January has absolutely flown by. I can’t believe that we are nearly reaching the end of the month already. It feels like I have done loads, but at the same time haven’t done enough. I came back to Uni on New Year’s Day, and have been […]

Coping With Loss

Posted 17th January 2016 by Dean

So, today I’m going to talk about something that happened to me last week, an event I had to attend. I think I mentioned in a previous post that I had a very good friend who sadly committed suicide two years ago next month (I’ll not be mentioning her name for obvious reasons). This was […]

Minor Slip

Posted 16th January 2016 by Dean

Today, I had a minor slip in how I felt about myself, especially with regards to my work, and I wanted to talk about what was the problem, how I dealt with it, and how that has left me feeling now. So, as I said in a previous post, we are in the process of […]

Signing Off

Posted 19th June 2013 by Dean

So the time has come to write a final entry, so I thought I would quickly sum up a few thoughts I’ve had about my experience of using this blogring. I think that I’ve learnt quite a lot over the past year, both from writing about myself, and from reading what other people say, and […]

Carrying on…!

Posted 7th May 2013 by Dean

So, the weather has finally turned really nice, and that has been pretty good! It’s just a shame that rather than being outside enjoying it, I have to be cooped up in the lab working away! Things have been pretty busy, but mostly just getting on with my work really. I have also been spending […]

Summer’s here!?

Posted 19th April 2013 by Dean

Well, the weather has definitely improved recently. It feels like the turn in the weather has gone hand in hand with the change in the success of my research, so hopefully it will continue! I have had some great news in the last week, as my supervisor has decided that we should move to publish […]

Easter Break…Ish

Posted 30th March 2013 by Dean

Hi all, Well, the Easter break has come round for most! I would like a longer break, but I will be making the most of being off from Good Friday until Monday. I definitely need to recharge my batteries before getting back into my work! Work has been getting pretty stressful recently as I realise […]

A little on the late side…!

Posted 4th March 2013 by Dean

Hi all, Sorry for the recent silence, things have been very busy recently with my work. To be honest, I can barely believe that it’s now March, it feels like it should still be February. Things have been going really well the past month, and I am really happy with how things have progressed. I […]

It’s Christmasss!!

Posted 21st December 2012 by Dean

Well, that was meant to be a reference to Slade’s Merry Christmas Everybody… (Probably my favourite Xmas song, because I’m cool.) Anyway, so everything has been very busy in the run up to Christmas. I only finished working in the lab in the last couple of days, so things have been very stressful trying to […]

Staying on top of things as it gets colder and darker…

Posted 12th November 2012 by Dean

Hi everyone, So it is time for another blog post, and I thought I better put some of my recent thoughts down. Things have been going pretty well recently, cementing my view that the support I have been receiving has really been getting me in the right place to sort things out for myself. My […]

My first blog post

Posted 19th September 2012 by Dean

Hi everyone! My name is Dean, and this year I will be writing a blog about my experiences of depression. I hope that I can focus on the different strategies that I have come across to help cope at different times! I hope that it will be interesting and useful to anyone that wants to […]

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