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A long and hard journey

Posted 5th April 2012 by Donna

It has been a while :S Time flies these days. Life has been… alright. The last two months have been tough. Illness + assignments + dealing with illness and assignments. 2 weeks ago, I just stood in the middle of my room just, undone. It felt like everything was too heavy for me. I literally […]

Society… Shaking my head

Posted 7th February 2012 by Donna

Ignorance. Pizza. Focus. Challenge accepted. I watched yesterday’s ITV panorama on cyberbullying and I couldn’t believe how vile some people are. I was absolutely mortified by the fact that there are people out there who actually get a thrill out of revelling (not sure if that’s the correct spelling) in someone’s misery.

Tea and thoughts

Posted 5th January 2012 by Donna

It has been a while. A family-less holiday plus assignments took their toll on me BUT I’m done with throwing lavish pity parties for myself 🙂 I hate making new year resolutions. They’re so ordinary, conventional, predictable… Boring. But that’s kind of the weird paradox to them really, they give us this virtual eraser of […]

Adele understands

Posted 23rd November 2011 by Donna

I like to think, “I’ve been through something worse, this I can handle” but it never really works that way. The disappointment and frustration is still new and real and irritating. I hate that I give this little, insignificant, irrelevant human being such power over my thoughts, feelings and actions. I try to keep myself […]

Powerful post-pizza thoughts

Posted 30th October 2011 by Donna

That awkward moment when you have to stand by your decision. It has been a while, my friends. It has been a while. Uni has been taking up a major part of my life lately. When everyone said, “2nd year is so much harder”, I always secretly thought, “Well, I study a lot, I always […]

Do something!

Posted 6th October 2011 by Donna

I’m feeling tired, uninspired and lost. Uni’s going great (a bit difficult but that’s expected so I was mentally/emotionally/psychologically ready for it)… Yeah, basically everything is going well EXCEPT for the fact that I don’t have a job. I think like every driven individual, having a job is a real priority and I hoped that […]

The Beginning

Posted 12th September 2011 by Donna

My first post and the beginning of something powerful. Here we are. Well… Here I am. My first blog 🙂 I went home for the vvvveeerrryyyy long summer holiday, came back yesterday to an untidy, unsorted, so-much-to-do house (if that even remotely makes sense). You know that feeling you get when you have tons of […]

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