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This is your buddy Ed, signing off

Posted 16th June 2011 by Ed

So, it’s time for me to deliver my final blog post. It has been an interesting and fast moving year and I feel that I am truly improving as a non depressed person. This I think comes as I open myself to new experiences and try to understand myself a little better every day…   […]

Still Not Watching Football

Posted 29th May 2011 by Ed

Social drinking, still not watching football, and remembering phones from the 90s…     Hello Dear Reader..   Got my genmaicha tea supply back. if you’ve been reading what i write here you’ll probably find a couple of posts which are essentially devotional texts worshipping this tea, so I shall spare you the details of […]

Cowboy Bebop and making myself

Posted 6th May 2011 by Ed

…we need to pay more attention to the media that tells positive stories, such as this film (and having said all this I hope it doesnt get all apocalyptic on me).  A good film can make you happy! At least temporarily.     There’s a charecter called Ed in the classic anime series Cowboy Bebop. […]

beer gardens, tube sardines

Posted 26th April 2011 by Ed

beer gardens, tube sardines, red salmon and not going into business for yourself   hello reader!   wishing you well. now you get to glimpse more snippets of my life, which usually reads more dry satire than crushing depression. so, i went to London and got the tube during a football game in the summer. […]

Photography mafia, education

Posted 6th April 2011 by Ed

My computer is tired, but I’m not. I’m like a plant and react well to the increasing sunlight. Good day reader! A question to fellow students – is education a ‘trap?’ I’ve been speaking to a great many new graduates and everybody’s not working the job they intended. They are however still quite heavily in […]

Grant pitching (again), explor

Posted 16th March 2011 by Ed

I’m thinking of keeping a mood diary and trying to use a scale between 1 to 10, 1 being suicidal, 10 being in rapture. Might be a useful way of correlating changes to my life with mood. Hello Reader. My thoughts and prayers to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Lets hope […]

Interviews, Vanilla pods, etc.

Posted 20th February 2011 by Ed

Interviews, Vanilla pods, Experiences at the Art Gallery, What’s wrong with the Kindle? More job interviews. Hoteliers, art galleries, writing positions. Lots of smiling, handshaking, protracted periods of questioning, serious faces, polite emails and getting lost in new places. Nothing too interesting to report really.   I’ve been looking for some sort of vanilla flavouring […]

A deficit of spirit

Posted 29th January 2011 by Ed

I’d quite like a holiday now in which I will lie on a beach for a week and give my thoughts the chance to thaw in the heat. Hello reader. Hoping that your new year is turning out to be satisfying. So, for me this month has been all about market research jobs and freelance […]

New Year New Stuff

Posted 9th January 2011 by Ed

Happy New Year, reader! New year, New stuff Hello reader! Happy new year to you. May i ask that you stop thinking about resolutioons and instead think of all the wonderful things that happened to you last year? After all, now is as good a time for reflection as any (and speaking from experience here), […]

Christmas draws nearer

Posted 21st December 2010 by Ed

Did you know that NORAD tracks santa? Suppose it makes sense if the US defence budget is as high as everyone’s telling me (link: www.noradsanta.org ) Christmas draws nearer. Did you know that NORAD tracks santa? Suppose it makes sense if the US defence budget is as high as everyone’s telling me (link: www.noradsanta.org )Ok, […]


Posted 27th November 2010 by Ed

It’s nice to be cold and come back to a warm shower in this weathr isn’t it? hola! i’m still looking for a new place in time for christmas. there seems to be an undersupply of houses around here, unless i want to move a couple of miles, and no, i am not into long […]

Hello Reader

Posted 14th November 2010 by Ed

So I finished watching the Mad Men season Hello Reader So, i finished watching mad men season 3, though i think there is a new series on as we speak. If i have learnt anything from watching drama, its that everyone seems to have their own special way of being neurotic. We’re all messed up […]

Finding Mad Men

Posted 26th October 2010 by Ed

I found myself a new television show. Mad men. A bit more realstic than Sex In The City Hello reader. Lets start with serious business, I found myself a new television show. Mad men. A bit more realstic than Sex In The City, but that same old New York cityscape and pretend people for me […]

First post – The Internship…

Posted 7th October 2010 by Ed

Reflections on Sex and the City and a company that doesn’t want to pay money to people who work at it.   Well, after 2 months of this, I think this internship stuff is a sucker’s game.  The company I have been working for instead of offering me an actual paid place in the position […]

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