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Coming to an End

Posted 19th June 2010 by Emily

Ups, downs, the worst year ever and the road to recovery. I would have never suspected when I started this blog that I would be confronted with one of the most challenging years of my life. Having started steadily declining in mental and physical energy since the age of 17, I suppose it was inevitable […]

Family Politics

Posted 25th May 2010 by Emily

In which I realise that I may have to start behaving like a grown-up All the while I had cancer I was receiving cards, phone calls, texts, letters, facebook messages… Everything from my family. Aunties and Uncles I hadn’t seen in years were contacting me from Canada and Australia to wish me well and inviting […]


Posted 12th April 2010 by Emily

Cancer has shrank and died I got news from the hospital the other day that my CT and PET results came back negative which means there is no activity in the remaining 25% or less in my chest. Everyone’s really happy and seems confused as to why I’m not more so. Problem is that my […]

I’ve suffered this week

Posted 17th March 2010 by Emily

I had my fifth set of chemo last Friday and caught a terrbile cold on Monday Due to the chemo my immune system is down, I am susceptible to infections. I caught a bad cold this week and I had made a commitment to go every day for work experiance, it’s an hour and a […]

Ma-Hoosive Spazz Out

Posted 27th February 2010 by Emily

Silly silly me Not very much to report this month, probably should have posted a blog nearer the time but I really didn’t feel like it. I had a massive spazz out in the car a few weeks ago, my mate living across from me had asked me to take him to sainsburys and since […]

Real Friends

Posted 16th January 2010 by Emily

It’s times like this you realise who your real friends are I’ve been getting a lot of support from my friends and family over the last couple of months. People who I meet at the hospital seem not to believe me when I tell respond to their questions about how I’m coping with, “I’m fine […]

The Great Limbo

Posted 11th January 2010 by Emily

Stuck between home and uni I’ve felt since I’ve been at university that I’ve been in a sort of Limbo, stuck between my house there and my house here, I live close enough to come home at weekends. I went on a cruise to Egypt for a week during the holidays so I’ve been detatched […]

Some not-so-good news

Posted 30th November 2009 by Emily

The lump on my neck has been diagnosed My thought process over the last week has mostly been taken up with: “I’ve got cancer.” Suprisingly, since the diagnosis last Monday, I’ve been alright about it. It’s not like I’m dying so I can’t see any point in worrying. What I have is called Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. […]

A Good End To A Bad Week

Posted 29th October 2009 by Emily

I started out very low this weekend, but it’s getting better Recently I’ve been under a lot of pressure, we had a shoot this week for our animation project and a lot of accumulating stress climaxed in a quite hellish last minute rush the night before. Luckily I’m with a fantastic couple of people and […]


Posted 16th October 2009 by Emily

I think I’ve always had a problem with admiration and jealousy. With friends and people you know it’s easier to write it off but being related to the person you’re jealous of is harder. It’s no secret to myself that I’ve always held a bit of resentment and rivalry with my sister. In my eyes […]

New house on a Sunday

Posted 21st September 2009 by Emily

Moved back to uni today, officially in a room I despised for a while. I’ve moved back to university today and I’m living in a house with four friends I made at halls. It’s an okay house, even though I sulked A LOT about the room I got. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s not […]

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