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Saying Goodbye

Posted 4th July 2011 by Emma

The end of the year, so a goodbye and huge thank you 🙂   Just posting my final blog up here on the website for the year. It’s been a very tough twelve months and I can’t say I’m not happy to see the end of it! With the summer holidays here and everything bright […]

Home Sweet Home

Posted by Emma

Today I returned to my family home from University. It is a difficult transition for anybody and I was very apprehensive about coming back and picking up a volatile relationship with my mother and jumping straight into work to pay off my debts. Lots of stress to say the least. How is everybody else coping […]

End of the Year

Posted by Emma

A slightly more chilled out period after exams. Phew! It is now the end of University forever! Well, at least until I start my Masters. This month really has had some incredible ups and downs. Looking at my last post, I feel much more relaxed and ‘able to breathe’ than I was feeling then. I […]


Posted 31st May 2011 by Emma

Just another post to keep you guys updated. This month has been a worse deterioration than last – constantly feeling like I can’t breathe or get enough air into my lungs. I’ve heard the phrase ‘air hunger’ thrown around, like a constant need to fill my lungs to the brim like they’re never full enough. […]

Tight Chest

Posted 30th April 2011 by Emma

It’s been one of the most difficult months I’ve ever had at University. In the last few months I seem to have developed a very strange and massively intrusive compulsion which involves religiously listening to my breathing. Everything I do at the minute is centred around this obsession; I listen strictly and panic if the […]

Third Year Blues and Panic

Posted 14th March 2011 by Emma

Hi everybody, Firstly I have to apologise for not posting in February. The days are going at a supersonic speed that I actually hadn’t realised and thought I had made a blog. Having now had a little read there seems to be a real mix of emotions with everyone on the blogs. I certainly share […]

Back but not quite ready

Posted 16th January 2011 by Emma

Too many things to juggle! Hello, and a happy new year to you all!Firstly I have to issue a huge apology to everyone out there for my slight absence from the site. After a germ-fuelled December I was one of the unlucky students to contract Meningitis and as a result have been drifing in and […]

Christmas x

Posted 28th November 2010 by Emma

You’re doing a great job! Mid-December and hard to really know how to feel at this time of year. The weeks approaching Christmas seem to always be so confusing with the combination of emotions. Thoughts about work, money, loved ones, childhood memories, family, “Chrsitmas cheer” – no wonder people often end up miserable!Thankfully I am […]


Posted 28th October 2010 by Emma

A hellish introduction to third year University life… is anyone else having this problem??! This month at Uni has been the most active I think I’ve ever seen in my life!Like most third years, I’ve been instantly bombarded with a host of lengthy assessments all worth a hefty percentage towards my final degree mark. In […]

First day back…

Posted 5th October 2010 by Emma

Third year fear… Hi to all you students out there! My name’s Emma and, like many of you reading, I am currently attempting to keep up with the social and academic expectations of life at University with depression.Today I recieved an uwelcome taste of the ‘dreaded’ third year angst. Where I once understood GCSE’s and […]

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