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Posted 21st June 2010 by Greta

Dos and Donts Before I come to the important part, just a little update of where I stand in life right now. I am on good terms with my ex, we actually get along really well and I can’t tell you how important that is for me. My future is still unclear, I might continue […]

Hanging on…

Posted 23rd May 2010 by Greta

I’m still alive somehow. The last few weeks have been a long daze. After my last blog entry I decided I need to change something drastically. And I did. I opened up to one of my course mates. I told him everything, including my feelings about suicide and self harm. He was incredibly helpful and […]

Broken Spirit

Posted 30th April 2010 by Greta

Hopeless, strengthless, ready to give up. I dont know how many attempts I have made to post here since last month. But a loss for words or fear of posting what I had written down made me delete all my previous unpublished blog attempts. I am quite literally fighting for my life – and my […]

Sudden Freedom

Posted 27th February 2010 by Greta

Finally I can be honest, free, egoistic and lazy and I won’t have to worry about hurting the people around me. My semester started pretty laid back, no deadlines or projects to do just yet. It looks like it will get busier though which was to be expected I guess. When I think about it, […]


Posted 9th February 2010 by Greta

The story about the scar my sisters suicide attempt has left me with. Im glad everyone is doing well at the moment. At least it seems that way 🙂 There is something on my mind that haunts me day and night and I  have been wanting to write about this for ages but never found the right […]


Posted 6th February 2010 by Greta

Depression == Apathy == Lethargy ? The new year This new year so far really feels like everybody is focused on their own business like deadlines and exams. I know a lot of people who are busy with applications for after the end of the year too. Deadlines Even though I didnt have any exams, […]


Posted 11th January 2010 by Greta

Funny how the word “disappointment” includes the word “appointment” lol I called my GP this morning to get an appointment with a doctor. They always give out (some) appointments for the day starting 8am on a first come first serve basis. I went there in person last week but they wouldn’t give me an appointment […]

About the past and 2010

Posted 3rd January 2010 by Greta

Some honest thoughts about where I am right now and why. I’ve been thinking lately… There are so many obstacles I have to overcome and there are set-backs every now and then, but I’m pushing forward in order to get better. It’s 2010 already… I feel old. My mum once told me that she felt […]

Christmas Spirit

Posted 24th December 2009 by Greta

Home Sweet Home I am at home at the moment – Christmas Eve – We just opened presents, had lots and lots of food and the whole family is now retiring to their beds. Before I came here, I thought I would get at least some uni stuff done, but time goes by much faster […]

Busy, busy, busy

Posted 12th November 2009 by Greta

Stressful weeks, flare ups, freezing cold I am getting busier and busier at Uni now. I have more deadlines coming up and everything is in such a messy state. The work I have to do isn’t very well defined so it’s stressful to try and get it right without knowing what’s right and what’s wrong. […]

Feeling alone and sad…

Posted 18th October 2009 by Greta

Even two weeks after the start of my course I still don’t feel like I can actually manage this new life of mine… I’m two weeks into my new course and I already feel like quitting… I’m tired, exhausted, scared and I feel left behind and out of place. It feels like I’m carrying this […]

Exhausted & a wee bit excited

Posted 21st September 2009 by Greta

One more week at work and then I’m officially a student again! Yay 🙂 This Monday feels different somehow. Normally I would be lounging around work, hiding in my little dark office behind my bright screen, pondering about life, love, pain, death, work and university. But today, it’s my last week at work and I […]

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