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June Summary and Final Thoughts

Posted 20th July 2009 by Hannah

My brother came out of hospital at the beginning of May, after my parents threatened to involve my local MP. During his time in hospital, he had received no counselling, had only had the oppurtunity for a conversation when my parents visited, and had been scared witless several times by the behaviour of the other […]


Posted by Hannah

Struggles in May As I got into May, I started trying to relax. The Spring Term was hugely stressful, and I felt I deserved a bit of “me time”. I went on a camping trip with my boyfriend, went to a few gigs and generally settled down into jobsearching. I began to relax and feel […]


Posted by Hannah

April Summary Wow it’s been a while since I posted on here. Apologies for that. Hopefully this will make up for it. April was mostly spent recovering from the cold I told you about in the last post. I convinced myself that I could do okay – mainly because I had my last two university […]

March Apologies

Posted 6th April 2009 by Hannah

So… March was a stressful month for me… Hi there everyone. I didn’t post in March, and I’m sorry for that. I was hugely, hugely stressed. Here’s why: 1.At the beginning of March, I got a horrible cold which is still lingering. 2.I also find out that the tax office has taken about £300 off […]


Posted 18th February 2009 by Hannah

Updates… Phew, February. I don’t think I’ve slept properly all of this month. Things are hectic hectic hectic – I have essays, my dissertation, job applications to write, artices for the paper to write, work experience to sort out…. Valentines was a bit of a break. My boyfriend and I went out for two meals […]

New Hannah

Posted 25th January 2009 by Hannah

New Years Resolutions, I have decided, are a good thing. First off, huge thanks to the three of you – Craig, Tomas and Anala – who posted comments on my last blog. You were all really supportive and cheered me up a lot when I read. Sorry for not replying. Things were massively hectic over […]

Merry Christmas

Posted 19th December 2008 by Hannah

A bit of an update on what’s been going on, and also asking for a bit of advice… Hi There :S I haven’t blogged on here enough recently. Things have been massively hectic what with end of term deadlines, my dissertation, work hours being upped and not to mention the mental frenzy that every human […]

First one for a while

Posted 14th November 2008 by Hannah

A bit of an update Hi there. It seems ages since I last posted on here. Things have been pretty hectic and packed in in the past few weeks. I’ve had three essays to hand in, visited home, done some work experience on a local newspaper and had about fifteen thousand books to read, as […]

The Future

Posted 19th October 2008 by Hannah

The Future…. Hi there. Coming off the medication had a few side effects at first, but after a few days they stopped. I was feeling dizzyish, eyes seemed “slow”, getting a bit more down, etc, etc. But as I’ve already said, it all stopped. Wow, how rambling was that sentance? I’m sure my dreams of […]


Posted 10th October 2008 by Hannah

Well, my Doctor and I decided it was about time for me to start cutting down on my medication… Two days ago I went to see my Doctor, after getting up at Seven am to ensure I could get an appointment that day (bloody NHS!). I would just like to say that my Doctor is […]

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