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Back from a short holiday

Posted 24th May 2010 by Hiresh

Behind on work and obsessing about my looks.   Been a bit of an emotional day as my father has just returned to London after 3months in India. We do not get along at all so I have been dreading him coming back, the house is so much positive when he is not around. I […]

A mixed month

Posted 1st April 2010 by Hiresh

Going to the gym and meeting up with old friends has been good, but still having a lot of trouble trying to relax.   Its been a better few weeks than usual. As Ive mentioned before I often find myself pretty isolated and alone. Ive made an effort in recently to get back in touch […]

Having a good month

Posted 6th March 2010 by Hiresh

Been going out with friends and joining the gym for a good month.   This past month has been better than the one before as I took a week off to visit Paris. My boyfriend met me there which was great as I had not seen him for over a month. We were there 7 […]

Parental Pressure

Posted 6th February 2010 by Hiresh

Even though Im gay my family is trying to force me to get married.   January was a bit of crazy month dealing with my family. My father has gone to India for a few months which is great, the house if much more calm without his abusive behaviour. Over the past month my parents […]

Christmas with the family

Posted 12th January 2010 by Hiresh

Discussion on what its like to spend xmas with a dysfunctional family   Christmas was a bit of a mixed bag as usual. I spent xmas and new years with my boyfriend and then moved back with my parents in early Jan. I had a great time with my boyfriend feeling relaxed, happy, not particularly […]

Depression and Family

Posted 5th December 2009 by Hiresh

I was thinking recently about how distant I am from my family and how this makes me feel ispolated and generally depressed when I think of it.   Having read other peoples blogs it seems like we all have different degrees of depression. This time of year I always get a bit stressed about the […]

Ongoing depression

Posted 4th November 2009 by Hiresh

Taking myself out of my comfort zone It sounds like we are all dealing with different degrees of depression- some due to specific events, some on a more ongoing basis. Mine is more of the ongoing variety. Over the summer I found myself wasting huge amounts of time doing nothing apart from hiding out at […]

How I cope

Posted 12th October 2009 by Hiresh

Here is a description of I tend to deal with my depression.   I have been reading other peoples blogs and feel a lot of empathy with what other people are going through, although its also interesting that everyones depression has its own individual roots, and people deal with it in their own way.   […]

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