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The end of the rainbow

Posted 30th June 2010 by Iona

My experience of the blogring, my thanks, where I am now, mindfulness, faith and depression and goodbye!   Thanks and Being Part of a Blogring I can’t believe our time in the blogring has come to an end.  I want to say a big thank you.  Thank you to the other blogringers – thank you […]

the African entry

Posted 8th May 2010 by Iona

A little bit about being in Africa, the challenges and the emotions   For everyone who has exams near – good luck! (I’m lucky enough to have finished mine in March so I’m in a different place right now) – Quite literally: I’m in Africa.  I’m here for a 2 1/2 month placement.  Although I’ve […]

depression in nurses/Drs etc.

Posted 1st April 2010 by Iona

A reflection on surviving my psychiatry placement and what it’s like to have depression as a healthcare professional/student I made it through my psychiatry placement!  It was a bit of a challenge, and a the start I really thought I wouldn’t make it the whole way through… but I got there! (Incase you haven’t read my blog/story, […]

Obsessional thoughts

Posted 3rd March 2010 by Iona

A wee (or not so wee) poem on obsessional thoughts and my recent education on obsessional thoughts (thoughts/compulsions which you hate but which you can’t stop from coming into your head). In my case the thoughts have been about harming myself, but the thoughts can be about anything. For some people with depression the thoughts […]

Just Keep on Going

Posted by Iona

Poetic snapshot of the mind   Just keep on going   One foot in front of the other The street’s so chaotic, something’s the matter. Sirens blasting make you cower, as they speed past you want to take cover. But you keep walking, One in front of the other, The paving stones signal somethings the […]

Mindfulness + Working in psych

Posted 22nd February 2010 by Iona

Returning to a psychiatry placement, and at last – my ramshackled explanation/introduction to mindfulness Ok so here’s the current story:  I restarted psychiatry a week ago…. the placement which I did not finish because I became unwell with depression (which was triggered by the placement itself combined with a week of physical illness).  Needless to […]

Out the other side!

Posted 7th February 2010 by Iona

Finals, relationships, not alone with depression, preparing for bad news… Beware it’s a long one! Hello! I’ve been desperate to blog over the last couple of weeks. It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  Finals are now over.  And I found out I passed!  My long & epic journey through university actually had a finishing […]

Stuck in bed

Posted 27th January 2010 by Iona

with finals awaiting   So I’ve got a finals exam tomorrow… and I’ve been ill since yesterday afternoon.  I’m trying my best to stay calm and relax and get better.  I was in bed yesterday afternoon and evening, I tried to go out this morning to get food and ended up stranded on a shop […]

Pre-appointment jitters

Posted 14th January 2010 by Iona

It’s been 5 weeks since your last appointment with the counsellor…. the pre-appointment nerves set in….. Does anyone else have similar experiences? It’s hard to put my finger on what exactly is making me so jittery…. I think it may be because I’m nervous about what the counsellor is going to think of me!  How […]

the final(s) countdown

Posted 8th January 2010 by Iona

It’s the final(s) countdown…do do doo do, do do do do do 2 1/2 weeks to go and the tentacles of depression are stirring again, trying to lure me in I can’t believe there are only 2 1/2 weeks left to finals!  (I actually thought it was at least 3! – “what a difference a […]


Posted 1st January 2010 by Iona

Thoughts on being dealt depression New year’s reflections on the past 8 months, living with depression, life’s fairness, and keeping positive Hi guys, Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all had an enjoyable Christmas and that you’ll have happy and adventurour 2010s. I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while.  I guess the approaching finals […]

Panic Stations Go

Posted 3rd December 2009 by Iona

Panic, deserving counselling(?) and life outside flesh and bones I’ve been back from placement for 4 weeks now, and have been enjoying being based in one place again.  The arrangements eventually came through for an appointment with my new counsellor, and I almost felt guitly taking a n appointment!  I know they’re always really busy […]

Lean on me, when you’re…

Posted 12th November 2009 by Iona

Problem solving, and reaching out for support Back again! Hi, sorry it’s been a while since I wrote.  It’s been a bit of an up and down time and I wanted to be a bit more upbeat before I wrote a post….I know probably defeats the point of it being a blog about depression!  I’m […]

thoughts on the rollercoaster

Posted 23rd October 2009 by Iona

Giving up driving, Reactions to a suicide & limited availability of therapy & celebrity-esque self esteem Hi guys, Things have begun to get a bit rockier over the last few weeks,  I’ve had two weekend dips in terms of depression and have been a bit sketchy inbetween.  As usual for me it’s been multifactorial: this time: […]

advice? explaining depression

Posted 16th October 2009 by Iona

A request for advice on explaining depression to friends&family Hi guys, Quick question… I was wondering if any of you had found any good resources / come up with good ways of describing what depression is like to friends and family? I’m at home at the moment and my parents have been struggling to understand […]


Posted 9th October 2009 by Iona

A little bit about me, where I’m at with my depression, and my hopes for blogging over the year Hello! My name is Iona and I’m a final year nursing student.  I’ve currently been struggling with depression since March, but have had previous episodes when I was 12, and in my second year of university.  You […]

Bouncy castle

Posted 19th September 2009 by Iona

bouncy castles & being home Today’s my little sister’s 18th birthday.  She opted for a huge bouncy castle with added extras – things which look like punch bags and holes to dive through – never seen one like it- lots of fun, mum and I went out to dry it before my sister’s friends started […]

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