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bye, bye

Posted 29th June 2011 by Jana

This supposed to be my last entry to this blog. I will miss writing it. I may actually write some sort of similar stories from time to time just for myself. This blog was  a way for me to sit down and for some time think about what actually is happening with me along to […]

no home, no money summer

Posted 27th June 2011 by Jana

Disasters at “home”. Homeless, penniless and with confidence shaken. After I came back from England I found dramatic post on one of the social networks made by my housemate and close friend: “need place to stay tonight and place to move in now. Have to leave the house immediately.” I got scared about her, about […]

forgetting this blog

Posted by Jana

Forgetting about this blog, forgetting about depression, and trying to live like “other people”…. And, well down now. I am thinking about undertaking psychotherapy. I would like to be helped by someone to stick to CBT. I try to do it from time to time myself as much I try meditation but my wishes of […]

goodbye and nonattachment

Posted 19th June 2011 by Jana

Goodbye L My firend has died. Out of blue. Heart attack. My age. It takes time to realise that we will not sit on the steps to uni entrance and chat meaningfully anymore. I  felt that I needed to say goodbye. I flew back to England to attend funeral. It helped me a bit but […]

forget or deny?

Posted by Jana

Sending you what I haven’t send Somewhere in April How does it happen that you forget about your depression. Since I moved in with my boyfriend I forgot all together about this blog, I forgot about taking my meds for most of the time too. Like I wanted to deny that there is something not […]

march in italy

Posted 28th April 2011 by Jana

March post that was sitting in my computer….. March in Italy Wow, what can I say? My life got into the positive spin! I am surprised  and of course deep inside I keep myself ready for some major disaster- I would have not be myself otherwise J but I let myself to enjoy and I […]


Posted 21st February 2011 by Jana

… Where things go when they least expected Italy. I am in Italy. Since not long but already pretty settled! I was dreading being misplaced , I REALLY did not wanted to be, also haunting thoughts of my ex were chasing me on every step , reason: he is Italian .Instead of disaster, to my […]


Posted 17th February 2011 by Jana

Transition time Could not write earlier as assessments and packing my life in boxes took all my time and attention. Now finally I have got a bit of time on my hands to think about what is actually happening. Transition is happening. I am on my way to Italy now. Stopping in Berlin for galleries/ […]


Posted 26th December 2010 by Jana

Christmas. Ok, this one will be a bit about my self-pity. I cannot talk to anyone else about it because those who I could to tell already know and will be bored or scared that I still roll in it. I was lucky to have the best Christmas ever last year. I was becoming very, […]

Time, time, time

Posted 4th December 2010 by Jana

TIME, TIME, TIME Did you ever wonder where all this time passes? And how does it work that one day you have hours dragging and another as soon you got out of bed you should brush your teeth to go back to it? My time speeds up more and more lately. This is the reason […]

questioning confidence

Posted 27th October 2010 by Jana

Today I took a role of mediator in between my two housemates. I don’t want to be emotionally involved in their conflict but I am… I like both of them, although I more associate myself with only one of them. Maybe because she is a woman and also goes thru depressive moods? I do understand […]

back to the busy life

Posted 3rd October 2010 by Jana

about hopes and fears for starting academic year Hi there. I am new here; I intend to write for next ten months about my life. Nothing extraordinary in it, but reading my blog could perhaps help to you dear reader to put your own life in perspective and not feel SO alone with your problems […]

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