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Wow….You learn something new about yourself everyday!!!!

Posted 27th January 2016 by Joelle

Hi Guys Hope the beginning of the academic year is going as smoothly as possible for all you readers! Yesterday I had my weekly mentor session – by the way, if your university offers mentoring/counselling sessions, I would seriously suggest using the service, I will explain why a bit later  – and he made me […]

Happy New Year – That Break Went Far Too Quickly!!!!

Posted 12th January 2016 by Joelle

Happy New Year – That Break Went Far Too Quickly!!!! Sooooo, first blog of the new year – Happy New Year to you all 😀 Don’t know how anyone else feels, but that break went far too quickly for my liking; I’m not sure whether I am happy or sad about that. The Christmas period […]

WELCOME TO MY BLOG!! First of the Year!

Posted 1st October 2013 by Joelle

First post of the year – sorry it is a little late! For those of you who didn’t follow my blog last year, a little introduction: My name is Joelle; I am a student now in my final year, finally! I started suffering from panic disorder when I was 16 during the time in which […]

End of an era…

Posted 1st July 2013 by Joelle

Okay, so the time has come.  The official end of the academic year.  It has flown by so quickly.  1 more year and I will be a graduate with BSc (Hons) Psychology.  I can’t quite believe it and when I think about the journey I have taken to get to this point, I feel very […]

Finally it’s time to relax!!!!

Posted 31st May 2013 by Joelle

Hi all How is everyone? I can safely say I am probably the happiest person alive.  The  academic year is over, exams are done and now it is time to relax and take a breath. Reflect on the year…what could I have done better? What did I do well? Is there anything I excelled at? […]

Sorry for the delay – Exams Exams Exams = Stress Stress Stress

Posted 1st May 2013 by Joelle

Hi to everyone I hope people aren’t as stressed out as me at the moment.  I HATE this time of year with a passion and I seem to never learn from my mistakes. They tell you to read throughout the year and yet I always find myself not doing it, getting to exam period and […]

Feeling much better!

Posted 18th March 2013 by Joelle

Well, after that terrible February, I am glad to report that I am feeling much better.  I think being open with friends, family, mentors etc… helped me a lot.  Plus knowing that what I was feeling wasn’t going to last and that I had got through it before and that I am not the only […]

Thank goodness February is behind me!

Posted 1st March 2013 by Joelle

30 days has September, April, June and November.  All the rest have 31 except for February, which has 28 days clear and 29 each leap year. No idea why I felt the need to open with that, but there you go.  Needs must :-S Anyway, sorry it has taken so long to write another post […]

I did it :) End of the 1st semester in sight!

Posted 10th December 2012 by Joelle

Hello to all, Hope everyone is well! Well, I don’t know how, but I have managed to get through my 1st semester of my 2nd year at university – doesn’t time just fly by.  It’s been an up and down few months with workload and emotions but I am soooo happy that I have coped […]

After an up, comes a fall! Or at least a fall followed by some loop-the-loops!

Posted 23rd November 2012 by Joelle

After such a positive and happy October, November has been somewhat of an emotional rollercoster for me.  One day I’m on cloud 9, happy as Larry; the next I have been sitting in a darkened room, in a pretty sad and somber mood.  WHY??? I’m not depressed (I know the warning signs and always keep […]

It’s all going a bit too well?! – October Blog

Posted 29th October 2012 by Joelle

Hello All Happy October 😀 The month of Halloween – I have already celebrated and Halloween isn’t officially until next week. lol. How is everyone? I hope people have settled (back) into university life – it’s hard work isn’t it? :s I must admit, I have been up, down and around so far this year. […]

My first blog post

Posted 23rd September 2012 by Joelle

Hi everyone!! Welcome to my students against depression blog. I hope throughout the year my blogs are of some interest to you guys – I will be making at least one blog entry per month and would of course love your input.  I urge readers to post questions, thoughts and feelings as much as possible, I […]


Posted 13th December 2010 by Joelle

Finally – It’s Christmas!!!!! A time of year I notoriously hate. Not because I am a Scrooge, no in fact I love Christmas Day, it is just the time of year. I have always been somewhat of a person who suffers more with low mood and depression during the winter months. It may be the […]

November Catch Up – Sorry for the delay!!!

Posted by Joelle

So, Joelle finally breaks her silence. Apologies for the delay in posting anything since October. With stresses from my final year, as well as picking up this nasty bug that is going around…twice…I have let things go slightly. But now that the Xmas break is upon us, I can hopefully catch up with the things […]

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