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Last Hurrah

Posted 29th June 2011 by John

This being my last blog I got to thinking about how I came to be involved in the 2010/11 blogring.   An advert for new recruits (bloggers) caught my eye on the SAD (Students Against Depression) website, around this time last year. I got in touch and before I knew it was writing my story […]

A Life More Ordinary?

Posted 6th June 2011 by John

I came across this article that may be of interest about stigmatised ordinariness, in a tweet from Action for Happiness …  

April Fool?

Posted 4th June 2011 by John

I felt like a fool but in my better moments I can acknowledge I AM a success. Unconventional, perhaps. Unrecognisable to many, certainly. But a success nonetheless.   Things started to come a bit unstuck at uni in the last few months. I found myself buckling under the pressure, mentally and physically blocked, unable to […]


Posted 29th May 2011 by John

Variously known as a ‘party degree’, ‘drinkers’ degree’ or my favourite the ‘Desmond’, as in Tutu, or 2:2 to you and me. ‘PARTY DEGREE’ was how a friend of mine celebrated achieving a 2:2 in a Facebook status update. He took it in his stride, wanted to make light of it, accentuate the positive and […]


Posted 31st March 2011 by John

(I presume most of us are right now) Okay, take a deep breathe and before we proceed let’s watch this ( Hopefully that’ll have suitably cheered you up. You know, Jedward, love ’em or hate ’em are a little bit inspiring. Remember all the stick they endured on the X Factor and look at them […]

12 Step Programme…

Posted 26th February 2011 by John

I thought I’d give you an idea of the things/thoughts that help me get through the day, in no particular order, completely unscientifically, ’12 step programme’ style (sort of). 1. Stuff Valentine’s Day (that being a theme of the month). I find it so contrived and perfunctory. I may have to eat these words, as […]


Posted 13th January 2011 by John

Temperatures in summer, yes. Cheddar, yes. Depression, no.   The description ‘mild depression’ worries me. I know it’s been used to refer to, indeed to minimise and dismiss, my own condition, by medical professionals, bureaucrats and even friends. I think it’s indicative of the pervasive lack of understanding about depression as an illness. As a […]


Posted 23rd December 2010 by John

Depression Goggles ..   You’ve probably heard of beer goggles. I find depression has the same effect on me. I see things funny, when I’m low. I’ve had them on a lot lately. I forget I have them on sometimes. Even when I remember it can be like they’re glued to me, and I can’t […]

Having quite a hard time

Posted 26th November 2010 by John

I’ve been having quite a hard time of it this last month or so.. I intend to keep this blog short and sweet.  I’ve been having quite a hard time of it this last month or so.  I’ve been feeling quite low on a loop, without much respite.  I could try to pin these feelings […]

Depressives of the world unite

Posted 7th October 2010 by John

… we have nothing to lose but our frowns!   Are we sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.   September has been rather whirlwindy. I started the month at one university and now just into October I’m at another university, doing a different course, in a completely different city.   I wasn’t happy at the first […]

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