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May Love Light Your Way

Posted 26th June 2011 by Joshua

A bittersweet final blog entry.  At the moment, I’m really sad that my girlfriend has gone back home after visiting me from overseas for 10 days…But I also offer some final sharings and attempts at inspiration in this final note, filled with hope.  My blog may be at an end, but authentic ‘community’ is always […]

Bad Assessment? Robbed too!?!

Posted 24th June 2011 by Joshua

A wacky June indeed.  I had what I feel to be a really bad assessment for my thesis…And, what’s worse, in what was supposed to be a vacation with my girlfriend who travelled overseas to visit me…became a bit of a nightmare at times….especially, because I got robbed 300 Euros!! Aiya!   Wow.  June has […]

Wounded Inner Child

Posted 5th June 2011 by Joshua

As much as I think I’m an established and seemingly successful adult, there’s still this wounded child inside that keeps crying out~Do you find this too?   Hello friends!   And Aiya~  Another really late blog entry.  After a crazy April, I had a good time of solo reflection and vacation time in Italy…A much […]

Oh Where Did April Go?

Posted 2nd May 2011 by Joshua

A Crazy April has meant little sleep, and super stress. But being home in the States for this month has been nice . Hey all,   Sorry for the late update in April.  But like many of you, I’m barely swimming above water with stuff to do.  My biggest deadline of the year is before […]

Oh Sadness…Why still here??

Posted 25th March 2011 by Joshua

Aiya…it seems that no matter how fantastic my life is going, I still have this haunting sadness that won’t leave me….This befriending of darkness bit is really tough~~ Ahh…the pressure of march.. Makes sense that I’m writing this blog so late in the month doesn’t it? I suppose I need to review the past month […]

Pre-Hong Kong Thoughts

Posted 15th February 2011 by Joshua

My post-Valentine’s Day Valentine’s celebration in Hong Kong Trip is arriving like…now!  I’m off to see my honey bunny, but, as usual, I like to worry worry, fear fear fear…etc etc…Does any of this go through your mind too? Well, Valentine’s Day has come and past for most of the world..but not for me!  I […]

Addicted to My Darkness?

Posted 29th January 2011 by Joshua

So I’ve done it. FINALLY, I’m convinced I’ve found the love of my life.  Soooo…if most of me is feeling so happy and so fulfilled, why is there still this big part of me that is so drawn to darkness and despair?  Why am I always stuck in this cycle and can’t just enjoy myself? […]

A New Love Or New Heartbreak?

Posted 1st December 2010 by Joshua

Have I found new love or new heartbreak?  Just started a long distance relationship type thingy, and though it’s full of mutual affection, I’m really really afraid…because I really really think this could be ‘the one’.  So am I ready for love?  Or am I readying myself for my biggest heartbreak ever? Hey all~ A […]

Clearly, my Mind Doesn’t Stop

Posted 28th October 2010 by Joshua

…And my brain, you’ll noticed from my ramblings becomes like a really really long essay about girls and some empty feelings!  Please read it though, but do grab a cup of coffee or something~ It’s been a while since my last update…And you’ll probably notice I write a really long essay here to make up […]

My Mind Keeps Going & Going

Posted 4th October 2010 by Joshua

…And going and going…My mind just doesn’t like to stop.   Focus gone, now rambling on about girls, school, and other stuff that doesn’t help me write my research….  Aiya~ My mind is  actually just totally out of focus now…and it’s just going on and on and on, which is why this blog entry, I’ve […]

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