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Post-christmas recovery

Posted 2nd January 2012 by Lauren

Sorry it’s taken a while for my latest blog post – I had so much jumbling around in my head before Christmas that it probably would have done me a lot of good to get it written down, but I just didn’t get the chance. Christmas is traditionally a time of mild-stress for my siblings […]

Get over it!

Posted 20th November 2011 by Lauren

Sometimes I find myself dwelling on the past to an infuriating degree. I will think about when times were bad, or sad, when I did something I later regretted or when something particularly upset me. Obviously it can be good to reflect on situations and to learn from from mistakes, but I find myself feeling […]

A rare creative moment

Posted 19th October 2011 by Lauren

This time my blog is a poem, of sorts, I’m not sure what counts as poetry really. I’ve been slightly ill lately and I always find that this starts to drag my mood down a little, actually a lot; I can’t do the things that normally cheer me up and I feel bad for not […]

The new year

Posted 9th October 2011 by Lauren

a busy start… I mentioned in my previous blog post that I’d be presenting my research at an international conference, and yep it was as scary as I was anticipating – but I survived, nothing was thrown at me and nobody visibly fell asleep during my talk. I got some positive feedback from some of […]

September already :-o

Posted 11th September 2011 by Lauren

Time for my first blog – I’ll apologise in advance if it’s not very long….September is turning out to be a pretty busy month :-/ I’ve rambled on in “my story” about how I came to be here, but the thing that you need to know for this post is that I’m a postgraduate research […]

Back to square one

Posted 5th April 2011 by Lauren

During my last blog I mentioned that I was coming off my anti-depressants, well in a nutshell that didn’t go too well and I’m back on my original dose. I’m trying not to consider this to be too much of a failure. I’d been at half my dose for about 4 months, but had started […]

Bye bye medication “wave”

Posted 9th February 2011 by Lauren

I’ve been taking SSRI anti-depressants for almost 2 years now; it shocked me the other day when I worked that out. I’m in the process of gradually reducing my dose and am now at half of what I was originally taking. For the first few weeks I was feeling a bit shaky, emotionally as well […]

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