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The end

Posted 24th June 2010 by Lucy

my experience on here, how I am now and how this has all ultimately helped me. Firstyly I would like to apologise for not being involved a lot on here recently. I have been trying to sort myself out and some bits in my family. I have moved on from the Aaron thing but sometimes […]

No one can be a superhero

Posted 9th May 2010 by Lucy

Main message I get to write at the end. Basically about how I let myself feel exactly how I felt for the first time in years…and I’m not ashamed of it. I did one of the hardest things of my life yesterday. I actually admitted to myself that I had a huge problem with the […]

I hate being right

Posted 6th May 2010 by Lucy

Just quickly Well Aaron broke up with me via a letter outside my door when staying at his today. I knew that I had fucked things up and I hate being right! My depression will haunt me for the rest of my life and I will grow old and lonely. I think I must accept […]

Save my life wont you help me

Posted 4th May 2010 by Lucy

take the white pill you will feel alright….well the yellow and green pill!…it will all make sense later…its basically about my meds. So exams are near by and for some strange reason i just dont care about them! I will revise for them but right now it is the last thing that haunts my dark […]

The Only Exception

Posted 21st April 2010 by Lucy

Sorry its been a long time and that this blog is a bit all over the place! its all a catch up on my life for the past few months lol So I’ve now come off of my contraceptive pill and I do feel a lot better for it. I’ve also gone on to prozac […]

how to screw up your life

Posted 28th February 2010 by Lucy

everything is all going terribly wrong right now…i just want to cry constantly. self harming urges are sooo high and i just want to stay in bed all the time. i wish just at one point that life could be easy at one point life deals you shit cards and sometimes it gives you good […]

I’m sorry

Posted 9th February 2010 by Lucy

only a quick thing to say why I can’t comment right now My best friend is a schizophrenic. I love her dearly! And i would do anything to help her. Normally her schizophrenia isnt too bad. She has a lot of medication and gets on well with it. It doesnt rule her life. But right […]

10 things I hate about me

Posted 19th January 2010 by Lucy

how we all hate parts of ourselves and have thoughts that drive these issues…explaining how maybe we are not so different or strange as we have believed 1. I hate the way I look 2. I hate the fact I am slightly overweight and yet still eat loads 3. I hate how self pitying I […]

11th January

Posted 11th January 2010 by Lucy

This is going to be a really quick blog, unlike my usual massive blogs! I have exams in a week and I am petrified. I want to run away. I can not concentrate and this is the least confident I think I have ever been. I want to quit and just do something else. This […]

31st December

Posted 31st December 2009 by Lucy

ahh here we go again as I just accidently deleted my first attempt! Sorry for the next blog by the way! I know I blogged only yesterday but I really need to get all this pain and anxiety off my chest. everything is just getting on tolp of me right now and only at this […]


Posted 30th December 2009 by Lucy

2010…lets hope things will get better Christmas wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. But the alcohol over the past few weeks has made me realise how shit it can make me feel. Usually I do this and can move on easily after. Unfortunately right now all I want to do is get […]

feel like im drowning

Posted 6th December 2009 by Lucy

i feel like i am drowing. And i need to save myself. At the moment I have been finding everything a little difficult. The guy I mentioned before I still want to run away from. I am not able to commit to anything that takes a lot of effort right now. Even the thought of […]

hitting the downer

Posted 10th November 2009 by Lucy

Feeling extremely shit again. I had forgotten how this feels. I’m not sure why exactly but I am very much hitting the downer today. Everything seems to make me want to curl up in a ball and just cry my heart out. I had such a great weekend so I am not sure if the […]


Posted 5th November 2009 by Lucy

On a journey to happiness…. This seems to be the best decision of my life so far, or one of them anyway. When I was with my horrible ex, as I like to call him, I felt trapped and lost. I suppose I had felt like that for most of my life. Not sure where […]

Sometimes you have to run away

Posted 24th October 2009 by Lucy

Sometimes you have to run away to find yourself. This is a blog all about how I am “running away” to fix myself. This may sound weird or strange but it explores how falling out with my dad was the best thing for me and about how self harm is not the way and good […]

The beginning of the end

Posted 2nd October 2009 by Lucy

How I am excited about this year and how I believe it may lead to the beginning of the end of the stigma surrounding depression and also my own battle with it. As the beginning of uni draws near I am extremely excited. Soon I will be thrusted into uni life again and I will […]

Crying on the sofa…again

Posted 18th September 2009 by Lucy

How crying on the sofa could possibly change my life and perception of myself. I thought I would start in a slightly strange place, not how my depression started but how I first learnt about the blogring. I was sitting in my university counselling waiting room watching the fish as I always did. That week […]

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