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The Scream Room

Posted 21st March 2012 by Luke

It’s time to sink or swim. It’s funny how in September I struggled to know what to write, but the more frustrated and stressed I get the more I feel compelled to write. I’ve reached breaking point. It feels very much like I’ll either have a break down or a punch up, and I don’t […]

I was wrong

Posted 10th March 2012 by Luke

It turns out stress isn’t a wonderful thing after all. I appear to have spoken too soon. The stress got too much and my body’s done what it usually does in that situation…it shut down. I’ve been ill for a few weeks without any progress but in this last week I have got much worse […]


Posted 26th February 2012 by Luke

Stress is a wonderful thing. Sometimes. I had a really good Christmas and January wasn’t bad either but apparently someone forgot to tell me that February and March were going to be awful. I do farely well at keeping up with my work, although I do often feel like I’m in an ocean and I’m […]


Posted 3rd January 2012 by Luke

It’s been a long month, but a good one. I think… December was a long month and I’m not really sure why, because nothing really happened. Once I arrived home I got ill as I usually do, I have a tendancy to push myself too hard during term time and so when I stop everything […]

Noboday said it was easy

Posted 19th November 2011 by Luke

A long month. But it’s nearly christmas. I find this post-depression period very odd. Officially I wouldn’t class myself as having depression anymore but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have bad periods or rubbish weeks. Everyone has rubbish weeks, but I feel like mine are worse.

A week in my world

Posted 18th October 2011 by Luke

I’ve had a month of brilliance and a few days of rubbish. So it’s been a really busy and mostly fun month in my world and I’ve been having a lot of fun. But on Sunday night a guy called Dan Wheldon, a British racing driver was tragically killed whilst racing in America, and it’s […]

All about me

Posted 8th September 2011 by Luke

An introduction into me, and where I’m going.. I’m Luke and I guess you’re here because like me you’ve struggled with life or you’re struggling at the moment. I think the most important thing that I can say now is, it’s ok to struggle with life it’s just more important how you react to it.

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