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seeking counsel

Posted 29th January 2016 by Mark

Recently I have organized long-term counselling, which is going to take a bit of time and money. I had to swallow this and just go for it, because I think that I shouldn’t put a price/time on my mental health. Now that I’m set for some long-term therapy (outside of university), I’ve been feeling pretty […]

I hope you’re enjoying the sun

Posted 25th March 2012 by Mark

I’m not sure what to post. My counselling has been going well and I’m settled with my counsellor, but everytime I go to these sessions I’m incredibly happy, talking almost constantly for an hour about all sorts of things, usually laughing and having a lovely time. This is becoming the model for my entire life […]

Let’s analyse

Posted 18th February 2012 by Mark

So recently I’m caught up in this mindset that I think is coming from semoitics or psychoanalysis. My research is trawling through this at the moment, and my talks with other students (coursework) are focused on this slow contemplative explainations. Or something along these lines.

A holiday to forget

Posted 12th January 2012 by Mark

I think I’ve had a terrible festive holiday. I dislike this time of year and I dislike being in my town when everyone leaves and university closes. It’s like being a child again and I find it hard to deal with. In truth it was not really that bad, looking and realising that I kept […]

Self improvement

Posted 3rd December 2011 by Mark

I spend a lot of time working on myself. Exercise, university, employment, exta curricular activities, my support network. It’s not to sound utilitarian, I live through a mixture of plans and spontanuity. I do have trouble letting go at times. I had written out a massive page for this post but I doubt it would […]

Eating and so on

Posted 22nd October 2011 by Mark

It has been a while since my last post, however it feels like it has been a lot longer. I have yet to sit back and allow myself to think about the changes I have had to endure. I am unsure as to where to begin. In regards to my course, all is going well.

Home coming

Posted 19th September 2011 by Mark

I am returning to university, however I live in one place whether studying or not, so it tends to feel awkward knowing that I haven’t ‘been home’ considering all of my peers tend to leave for the summer. The initial meeting for my course last week was stressful, simply being asked about my summer tends […]

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