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Belated December Post

Posted 10th January 2016 by Martha

Hi all, sorry I am so late in posting this. December was a stressful month full of money, college and family related issues. Some good news is that I now have a part-time job working as a bar maid in a night club which is some extra money in the forever-empty pig. I also really […]

Trudging on

Posted 3rd May 2013 by Martha

Work is still enjoyable and I’m getting on great with most of the staff. I’m surprised at how well I’ve stuck to this job. Although at the moment I do really need the money because my bursary has been stopped due to my poor attendance. I really am trying to buck up my ideas, but […]

Tough start to a new year…

Posted 14th March 2013 by Martha

February was a hard month for me. My relationship had been going downhill for months and on a drunken night out I ended it. There’s no going back now and in a way that’s kind of a good thing. At the start J was really good for me (made me go to college, kept me […]

Stress, stress, stress… bring on Christmas!

Posted 2nd November 2012 by Martha

Hi there, I’m Martha and this is my first time participating in a blog so I am quite nervous. I was very inspired by everyone else’s blogs. As you can read from my back story I have suffered from depression for a long time and still get my ups and downs to this day. October […]

My first blog post

Posted 28th September 2012 by Martha

Hi everyone, I’m Martha and this is my first time writing a blog so I’m not too sure what to write. Reading your emails has been a big help though I’m currently at college studying for 4 highers (which I should have done in school) and am hoping to go to university next year. My […]

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