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Posted 11th November 2009 by Megan

I have read that some have had similar experiences to me this last month. One of my closer friends attempted suicide, after years of severe clinical depression. She accepted medical help only recently, but was pretty unhappy about it, and it seems that she considered it a bit of a waste of time. In fact, […]

Apologies for lateness!

Posted by Megan

Hi everyone, I must apologise for not having been present on the blog, I’ve just been discharged form hospital for a complicated apendicitis!   I’ve just got to a computer, and have been reading through people’s contributions – the good and the bad times that you have been going through. I just wanted to say, […]

My own depression’s beginnings

Posted 2nd October 2009 by Megan

Coming to terms with my depression was difficult but I’m getting there My own experiences of depression began at around the age of 15 or 16, although at that time it was managable and I didn’t identify it as actual depression – just a kind of general unhappiness. It made me feel isolated and ashamed […]

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