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The flatmate saga, part ?

Posted 5th April 2012 by Mina

Hopefully the final installment of the flatmate saga: In short he got back together and now he’s trying to say that everything that happened was because of his depression and he didn’t mean any of it.

A hellish week

Posted 21st March 2012 by Mina

I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a hellish week. I’m going to try to summarise it for you. Following the events of my last blog… I went to see my boyfriend at the weekend, told him what had happened etc. He was his usual wonderful self. My flatmate broke up with his girlfriend, who then […]

A secret admirer…

Posted 12th March 2012 by Mina

…the roller coaster of every day life. Hey guys, sorry It’s been so long. I have been unbelievably busy over the last month – a lot of applications and deadlines for my year abroad as well as various tests. It’s been crazy and I’ve been more than a little stressed.


Posted 2nd February 2012 by Mina

So we’ve had a request to mention music or songs that have helped us fight against depression. Music has always been very important to me in this respect. Right from about the age of 13 when I stomped around my neighbourhood pulling a newspaper cart with black eyeliner halfway down my face and headphones blaring […]

Christmas post mortem

Posted 26th January 2012 by Mina

The followup blog to my Christmas eve cry for help… Hey everyone, sorry it’s taken me so long to write another blog, a whole month. I have been rushed off my feet, somehow the start of this term has been more manic than any other. There are tests here and there, and preparing for the […]

Christmas Eve cry for help

Posted 24th December 2011 by Mina

I’ve picked the right man to fall in love with. I’m with someone who is so gentle and loving, who I have to push really hard to even get him to snap back at me, who accepts and loves me the way I am, and always makes me feel loved and wanted and treasured. For […]

Christmas Blog

Posted 14th December 2011 by Mina

Hey SAD crew, So I’m writing this from beneath my duvet and extra blanket, two thick jumpers, two pairs of socks, a scarf, and a woolly hat. The gloves I had to take off to write. My god is it cold. Our central heating seems to have taken itself out of the equation now that […]

The Weekend

Posted 5th December 2011 by Mina

A general update and a weekend of arguments Hey, so it’s been a little while since I wrote last. I guess I’m doing ok. No, I AM doing ok. I meant to write about a really good weekend I had a couple of weeks ago. It was a weekend when i didn’t see my boyfriend […]

Un-cutting ties

Posted 24th November 2011 by Mina

I wrote an e-mail yesterday to someone from my past and now all I can do is check my e-mail obsessively. He has replied already but not fully to the latest one yet. I am just so pissed off with myself for letting myself get sucked back into something that I was free from – […]


Posted 14th November 2011 by Mina

Hello, so I seem to be struggling right now and feeling quite depressed. I think this is a recent development but you know how it is, now that I’ve started feeling like this it feels like I’ve always felt like this and I can’t actually imagine a time before where I might have been happy.

Saturday morning lyrics

Posted 5th November 2011 by Mina

All This time (Pick-Me-Up Song) I love this song so thought I’d share it with you. It always makes me feel stronger. By Maria Mena:

Winter must be here

Posted 31st October 2011 by Mina

Something I wrote for you guys in the middle of lecture break today I am so inexpressibly tired. Since Monday last week I have been struggling with thoughts of hopelessness and self-destruction. Why does this happen? It’s as if overnight everything becomes impossible. I can’t see the point in getting up in the morning, I […]

And in rapid succession…

Posted by Mina

a more specific dilemma I signed myself up to volunteer for a charity which supports people in detention centres, a cause I really care about, but now I am so anxious about going on my first visit that I feel trapped and like I want to hide in order to get out of it. I […]

Curiosity killed the cat…

Posted 23rd October 2011 by Mina

But why is her number still on his phone? He deleted it in front of me the first time I saw it πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

Updates – so unsexy

Posted 14th October 2011 by Mina

I’ve been meaning to write another blog over the last couple of weeks but the start of the academic year, as I’m sure many of you are also experiencing, is just so full on! I barely seem to have time to breathe, I’m now enjoying a Friday night doing things at a chilled pace for […]

What have I come back to?

Posted 1st October 2011 by Mina

The stresses of the start of term and a new flat. So i’ve now been back in the city and in my new flat for 3 days, and wow I’m exhausted. I’m in a very strange state of being right now – alternating between highs and lows in a way that I wasn’t quite expecting. […]

Boyfriend dilemma

Posted 21st September 2011 by Mina

Getting ready for the start of term… and having a few relationship problems. Hi everyone. So the run up to the start of the term is nearly at its end (just under two weeks to go), and I’m left unsure of how to feel. Have you ever felt that the sand runs faster through the […]

My first blog

Posted 7th September 2011 by Mina

Hi everyone, my name is Mina. Ever since I found out I was going to be a student blogger I’ve found myself from time to time writing entries in my head, but actually sitting down to the process of writing my first blog is slightly surreal. Overall I’m quite excited about this year’s project. The […]

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