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Posted 30th June 2011 by Nicky

Heyyy So I guess this is the last blog I’ll be writing. It’s been a very long and turbulent few months but I’ve been glad to share it with you. Before I started blogging here I read the blogs. I was drawn to the blogs knowing that there were other students out there who were […]


Posted 10th June 2011 by Nicky

A lot happened…. Hi guys   Wow, it’s been a while. Quite a lot has happened since I last wrote.   I’ve been living back with my dad and occasionally going back to my uni town to visit my friends and see my psychologist.   A few weeks ago when I went back, a series […]


Posted 22nd April 2011 by Nicky

Heeeey   It’s been quite a while. I wish I had a good excuse or that suddenly my life got busy and exciting but neither option applies i’m afraid.   Everything is okay. I’ve had a rough few weeks. My best friend was sectioned. Living back with my dad made it difficult to support her […]

The storm

Posted 1st March 2011 by Nicky

Is this the eye of the storm? Or the calm after the storm? Or is it still the storm? Things have got a little better since I last posted. I read my last post and frown at my negativity! Today I was discharged from the home treatment team in my home town. The doctor came […]

What a terrible start

Posted 13th February 2011 by Nicky

I thought maybe 2011 would be slightly better than 2010….. What a terrible start to the year. I don’;t know what happened. I started the 2nd placement I needed to do from my first year. I lasted two days there. I’d been feeling very depressed prior to starting the placement and my psychiatrist upped the […]

New Year

Posted 9th January 2011 by Nicky

I had a very uneventful Christmas and New Year. I passed my placement with some difficulty. As soon as I started working the 7-3 shifts, things started to get even worse. I was self-harming several times a day, I kept having to run off to the toilets because I was bursting into tears randomly… I had […]

Down, down, down…

Posted 30th November 2010 by Nicky

Things got bad. I don’t know why.  I think it’s a combination of stuff: psychology, starting placement, the weather, the time of year, the dark nights.   I’ve been at my placement for two weeks now. This is my third. I am so exhausted and tired that I’m not even sure I’m going to be […]

Happy as a heepo

Posted 12th November 2010 by Nicky

Hi guys   Updating so early as I have soooo much to write about.   On Wednesday I went to the protest in London against raising tuition fees. It was really exciting and I enjoyed it… Until it got violent. I didn’t see what happened as I left the protest fairly early as I did […]


Posted 27th October 2010 by Nicky

I often find myself in situations where people become huge burdens. ‘Burden’ is the last word I would usually use to describe a friend, but there’s only so much support you can offer before it becomes too much.   I have been relatively stable lately. I feel well enough to go back on my course. […]

11th October 2010

Posted 11th October 2010 by Nicky

I didn’t want to write here again with the fear I would appear over-keen (but is that a bad thing?)! I was reassured when other bloggers started posting a second entry. I had a very eventful week last week. I got the good news from my tutor at university that they’re going to let me […]

3rd October 2010

Posted 3rd October 2010 by Nicky

I’m Nicky (or Nicola… but don’t ever call me that!) I refuse to say how old I am, though I’ve had 20 birthdays.   I love to read. I love to write. I sing but only in the shower. I’m a ballet dancer but only in my bedroom. I love music, but who doesn’t? I write, […]

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