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A final catchup post before I leave…

Posted 20th June 2016 by Pete

This year has been quite sporadic with keeping up with blogs, but second year was a whole new kettle of fish, no idea how I’m going to cope with third year, but fingers crossed for that first! I have been asked to write a catch up blog for December, January and February – strange I […]

Third Year Closing Speeches…

Posted 17th June 2016 by Pete

And so the closing speeches come for the third year, this has  been a very different year for me, usually in my closing posts, I talk about overcoming a problem, or developing, but this year, for me anyway, it has been trying to identify why depression sets in and what is actually is. At least […]

Pete has certainly bounced

Posted 1st February 2016 by Pete

The Comeback moment of the year, or at least of my year! Guys, I have just read your comments, from Mina, Harry and Rob…Your comments were so so appreciated and has meant the world to me. They really really have helped me to battle through, so i really hope you know how much they have […]

Plans –

Posted 28th January 2016 by Pete

Like many graduates, we constantly fret for the future, and the impeding doom that graduation brings means there is nothing but the big wide world at  your feet. Many mantras are thrown around like “The World is your Oyster” or “If you’re not careful it will chew you up and spit you out” Equally both […]

How quickly depression can set in?

Posted 24th January 2016 by Pete

Hi Guys, I’m just thinking about today in particular as it’s been a rather lazy and unproductive day and I feel so down – is it depression, I suppose it is if I wanted to call it that but I just think its a down day. I’ve felt very un-motivated recently, I keep making plans […]

Blame and Blaming Something else…

Posted 19th January 2016 by Pete

Hi fellow bloggers and to any and all students facing depression or a constant depressive state. Before you continue to read this blog, I would strongly encourage you list 5 things that contribute to your depression, it can be any person, any feeling, any emotion, any circumstance…and I’m hoping to prove something to you, to […]

Noticing the different

Posted 17th June 2013 by Pete

Hello Everyone, This is my penultimate blog, which is quite a weird situation, as this is my third year. I have had such fun through this project and I hope that my blogs have been interesting to read, or at least hope that someone read them lol! I have found this project extremely useful, to […]

Summer….Still as Busy

Posted 11th June 2013 by Pete

I often cannot underestimate the power and the benefits of remaining busy and the importance of maintaining a routine! As students, it is almost impossible to maintain a routine unless of course you are lucky enough to have the same start times of each days,  made difficult still with the excessive work we have to […]


Posted 10th June 2013 by Pete

Hello Guys, I’m now a year to go before graduating and I keep saying that when I graduate, it will finally feel like my life is my own again! I’m now finished with all compulsory ish education, with masters and above optional. I now have to make so many choices about what to do with […]


Posted 6th April 2013 by Pete

[[This post is of general wonderings that I hope students and others alike can seek solace in, or at least empathize with and maybe will strike a cord within you]]   QUICK…QUICK! YOU HAVE TO DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE NOW! In your 20’s…Because everyone else knew exactly […]


Posted 26th March 2013 by Pete

Hi Guys, I must apologise for my absence, second year course load and everything else that goes with being a second year has kept me very busy…Almost to the point of shock that this academic year is almost over. As well as surviving the required amount of work, it’s been hunting for work exp and […]

Third year introductions

Posted 23rd November 2012 by Pete

Hello fellow Bloggers and student visitors. I would like to firstly wish everyone well on this project and I hope you gain a lot from it over the year or years, this is my third year blogging for studentsagainstdepression and I have found it to be a cathartic experience; sometimes good and sometimes very difficult […]

Another Worry! Post by Pete

Posted 19th April 2012 by Pete

Heya Guys, I Promise, Not A Hypochondriac! Heya Guys, Currently listening to *Katy Perry: Part of Me*…

Problem with burning bridges

Posted 8th April 2012 by Pete

Can Burnt Bridges ever be rebuilt? Is it worth building bridges with a person who just makes things difficult? Hi Everyone, First of all, I would like to take a step back and just re-evaulate a recurring theme in my life. My Parents!! especially my mother.


Posted 29th February 2012 by Pete

Heya Guys, Must apologise for the very lateness of my post!! It’s been a tough few months Heya guys, clearly i have to make up some time from December to now, but had a tumultous few months. I might as well start from the beginning,

The hardest few weeks

Posted 2nd November 2011 by Pete

Quick thanks to Mina for the lovely comments, very appreciated. Right as a university student, got a lot to do in very little time so this blog is kind of an introduction which i will add to in the next few days. Over the past few weeks i have been suffering with the worse illness […]

Whistle-stop tour

Posted 14th October 2011 by Pete

The quick few problems…I’m currently struggling at university for a number of reasons, first, my sleeping pattern and routine at the minute is non-existent, well, im currently writing this at 4am. I dont know why but i just cant myself into a decent routine and its driving me mental, im tired all day and cant […]

Heya Guys, First Blog!!

Posted 10th October 2011 by Pete

Heya Guys, Its so good to be back for the second year! Hope everyone has a fabulous year and gets so much from this project, its amazing the stuff i learnt from this blogring… Good luck guys First of all, im glad ive been put back onto this project for a second year!

What is depression – READ!!!!

Posted 20th May 2011 by Pete

Over the past few months, most of my blogs have been about tidious everyday things and its hard to write something thats real and honest. So over the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking – what is Depression?


Posted 6th May 2011 by Pete

Heya guys, must apologise the abscence of an april entry, I think it was a mix of other stresses and lack of time to get on to a computer, but April was a collaboration of money worries and impending exams, however, managed to pay for my holiday and passport so after my last exams, two […]

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