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Something serious for a change

Posted 7th March 2011 by Pete

Teenage related stuff. yes, shoes, makeup and boys lol..No, serious stuff Right, Whose young here, Who goes out clubbin on friday, saturday or relevant student nights. Everyone argues that when we we’re drunk we do or say things that are excusable, most people argue its just the drink whereas others will argue that it frees […]

Oooo absences xx

Posted 14th February 2011 by Pete

January like we all know is one of the months were everyone is trying to settle into new years resolutions, new years dreams as well as other realities of the new year, To be honest, i hate January, it seems like such a frivolity of time. As no one really knows what their doing, no […]

OMG Media Living

Posted 14th December 2010 by Pete

Right, I’m lost…I’ve lost my Phone and Now no Longer Have a Social Life or Friends….xx No, Just joking but who seriously, i feel totally lost without my phone… Heya muffins, Thought i would clear up that no, i havent lost my phone and yes i do have a social life and friends.. x I […]

Life and its failures…xxx

Posted 24th November 2010 by Pete

Do you remember being a kid and going around and saying “I want to be a movie star” “I want to be this” or “that”. And then you grow up and realise that A. you didnt really want to do that in the first place or B. that you dont think you have a shot […]

Titles are harder than blogs

Posted 12th November 2010 by Pete

Heya muffins, I think my last blog was a bit all over the place tbh, i had bits and bobs of information all in a convulated order. But Again, I felt pretty much here, there and everywhere for the past two weeks. Erm.. The thing i have learnt over and over again, and forgotten over […]

Sorry guys

Posted 8th November 2010 by Pete

Firstly, im gonna try to incorporate a little bit of Oct and Nov together, if this is okay. Has anyone heard the expression, “the devil makes work of idle hands and idle heads”. Well, in a counter argument is it good to be completely filling your schedule with work and college aswell as revision in […]

Last September Post – sorry

Posted 13th October 2010 by Pete

Although this is being written now, im gonna think back to september. Well, The biggest thing that has ever and will ever affect me is guilt…guilt that i could of done something but should of, guilt that i could of done something better or faster, guilt for saying no.

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