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How to be Sane

Posted 6th October 2010 by Rees

In which I look at the delusions we all share   Today I read an article on the Telegraph website that positively screamed “You are alone in a random and uncaring universe.” Seems a four year old American boy was sitting in church when he was suddenly killed by a bullet which ballistics experts figure […]

So, this is it

Posted 1st July 2010 by Rees

In which we part ways First off, if you’ve been reading this, thanks. I really appreciate it. I’ve just tried reading some of my older post but frankly found it too hard to do in one go. I can tell you this, though: I’ve been more honest with you than I have with anyone else […]

Lessons Learned

Posted 22nd June 2010 by Rees

A few things that have helped me out over the past few months I’ve been looking back at the last year and how I spent my time, and I wanted to put down all the advice I’ve got and the things that helped me…. I imagine your mileage will vary. Counselling If counselling is available […]

Become The Shark

Posted 14th June 2010 by Rees

In which I’m home again, at least for now   So I’ve been home a little while now, and it’s OK, but I think I need to be going soon. Most of my stuff is still in boxes, because there’s nowhere to unpack it. I’ve outgrown my room, I have stuff in boxes under my […]

Leaving Soon

Posted 2nd June 2010 by Rees

In which I’m packing up and getting out   Well, I’m done academically, for this year at least. I’ve sat my exams, submitted my coursework and am ready to split. Looking around my University room at all the stuff I have to pack up ready to take home I realise just how long a journey […]

Favourite Real-Life Failures

Posted 11th May 2010 by Rees

In which I look at those who set out to take the path less travelled by and arrived at a beautiful catastrophe A few thousand pairs of eyes are drawn to the stage; the show is about to start. The excitement and enthusiasm is palpable as the comedian asks “How’s everybody doing tonight? My name […]

Passing Exams, Failing At Life

Posted 1st May 2010 by Rees

In which I look at successes and failures from my past, and gaze bleary-eyed into the future   So exam season is upon us, and I found myself getting a phone call from the University Disability Support Officer wanting me to fill out an “Application for Deferred Assessment” form and an “Extenuating Circumstances” form. I […]

At Home with Rees

Posted 13th April 2010 by Rees

In which the same old feels like the same old same old, and rightly so.   I want to preface this by saying I’m sorry for not posting in a little while. I did read the older posts of the last couple of weeks before today, but had no real response at the time. I […]

Failing Again

Posted 19th March 2010 by Rees

Sometimes when you fall, it doesn’t seem worth picking yourself back up So I’ve been planning this post for a little over a week now, it hasn’t been particularly easy the past few days. I realise that isn’t necessarily in the spirit of this blogring but I needed to come to terms with one thing […]


Posted 1st March 2010 by Rees

A companion piece to my last post in which a load is taken off my mind   Those of you who have been following my blog may remember I’ve been dealing with money issues for the last month. This morning my maintenance grant from the Student Loan Company came through, and my bank account went […]

Recognising Depression

Posted 26th February 2010 by Rees

In which I try and describe how depression feels So I was watching Skins last night (I know, it’s terrible now, but it’s not like I have anything better to do) and one of the characters is being portrayed as having depression, and it got me thinking to when I first realised I was depressed. […]

Happy Halloween 2.0

Posted 14th February 2010 by Rees

In which Screw Valentine’s Day So I’m a pretty romantic guy at heart. I’ve idly speculated about what my dream wedding might be like. I own more chick flicks than most chicks. I believe in some sort of love and would truly like to make someone happy someday. That day is not today. For the […]

Reaching Out

Posted 10th February 2010 by Rees

In which I bite the bullet and ask for help So the Monday following my last blog post I saw my counsellor for my regular session and explained the financial difficulties I was facing. It was really good to speak to a real-life person and have them explain that it wasn’t such a huge problem, that my […]

Less Money, Mo’ Problems?

Posted 29th January 2010 by Rees

In which I find myself in the red, both financially and emotionally I guess at the end of the semester most of us are focused on exams, but there’s another problem that’s got my stress level up – finances. It’s the beginning of the year, rent’s due and I don’t think I can cover it… […]

Drunk and Disorderly

Posted 16th January 2010 by Rees

In which I’m so drunk right now I imagine there’s a formula for working out what’s a sensible amount to drink of an evening, taking into account your body mass index and the amount of time for which you are drinking. I somehow doubt it is your age plus another fifteen drinks. I feel like […]

Shitty New Year

Posted 1st January 2010 by Rees

In which the first twenty hours of 2010 don’t seem too great My new year hasn’t been going well so far. It started at 6 am after about 4 hours sleep with a phone call. The last time I was woken up this early was my Mum telling me that my brother had been arrested […]

Heading Home for the Holidays

Posted 17th December 2009 by Rees

In which I muse about, well, heading home for the holidays So today is Thursday, and on Saturday I’m leaving University and heading home for the three weeks between autumn and spring terms. I really don’t find the transition easy, and have been kind of worried about this week; as I’ve mentioned before I’ve had […]

The Most Terrible Poverty

Posted 2nd December 2009 by Rees

Thoughts About Loneliness and Another Embarrassing Confession *Contains frank and open discussion of adult situations, but is in no way explicit or pornographic*   First off, I’d like to apologise for the melodramatic title of this blog entry. It’s also pretty pretentious, given that it’s a quote from Mother Teresa. I guess I thought it would be […]

Not Completely Crazy

Posted 19th November 2009 by Rees

Wherein I talk about my state of mind, and how it could be much worse So I’ve been feeling under the weather lately, with flu-like symptoms and erratic sleeping patterns. I’ve missed a week and a half of lectures and one appointment with my student counsellor. The one thing I have done is think about […]

Happy Halloween

Posted 31st October 2009 by Rees

How everyone can, and should, have one from time to time Just thought I’d jot down a few words about Halloween, my favourite of holidays. I guess I love it because it’s the one holiday that you can celebrate as much or as little as you like. Whether you dress up as your favourite Transformer, […]

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