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Tidy up!

Posted 29th June 2011 by Rick

So it’s coming really close to the end of the blog now… and it’s time to check what has happened over the last year. I have learnt a lot, and I hope visitors to the blog have done so too. As mentioned before I have learned that I can manage my depression without medication and […]

Trying to Forget

Posted 12th June 2011 by Rick

Sorry for my absense…   It’s been a long time again since posting anything. This is because I’ve spent a lot of effort on looking after myself these last few months and to be honest, I’ve been trying to forget about the past and my depression. I stopped taking anti-depressants and in general I have […]

A long long time!

Posted 4th January 2011 by Rick

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while this is what has been going on since I last wrote…   I found the end of last term rather difficult. I had missed a lot of work and so completed my assignments was extremely challenging. However I managed to do most of them in time for Christmas.  […]

Depression as addiction

Posted 3rd November 2010 by Rick

This month I’ve been thinking about our ability to change. Whether it is possible to overcome depression and what might be stopping us. I took the viewpoint that depression might be addictive and I know it might sound controversial but it is just an opinion that I am exploring, I’m not even certain I believe […]


Posted 1st October 2010 by Rick

This is my first blog for this site and is intended as a general welcome… Hi there, my name is Rick. If you haven’t yet read my story then may I suggest you do as it will help give a clearer picture about me. I have struggled with depression for some time now and I […]

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