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My first blog

Posted 21st April 2012 by Rob

I don’t really have a way with words or enjoy writing or talking about myself, but here goes. Let’s kick off! Imagine this. You start at a University that you don’t really like, you are doing a course that you aren’t particularly passionate about, and because you aren’t living on campus you find it even […]


Posted 30th March 2012 by Rob

A short story of that inspired me recently: Hello, After last month things have been traveling along fairly steadily. There are many positive and negative experiences recently, so it has been quite a treat to come home for a few weeks over the Easter holidays. On top of this, I think the sunshine does a […]

Good times, bad times

Posted 28th February 2012 by Rob

Recent events and a bit of inspiration! Well, it’s been a busy month. As always, I am doing my best to stay on course with university work and make sure I get the best start. I’m hoping that if I keep this up I can do well this term without the usual exam panic.

Work, Rest and Play

Posted 30th January 2012 by Rob

Happy New Year bloggers. I hope that everyone is taking good care of themselves so far in 2012. I have had quite a busy month (as I imagine many students have with the exam period) and I am now looking forward to getting back into a routine. This recent shake up got me thinking about […]

December – Christmas, Ends and

Posted 30th December 2011 by Rob

Looking back at last year and why I don’t believe in New Years resolutions I think that this time of year can be stressful even for the most emotionally sound people, so it can be especially testing for anyone with a history of mood disorders. The run up to Christmas has been very stressful, but […]

Exercise and goals

Posted 29th November 2011 by Rob

Why I think physical exercise has helped me to feel better Earlier in the year, around March/April time, I started to take more care of my physical health and started going to the gym regularly. Although it may seem like a cliché, exercise really has been a huge part in my mental recovery and helping […]

Early days

Posted 13th November 2011 by Rob

A look back at the first weeks of this term and looking forward to the next few weeks. Hi everyone! It’s been really good reading everyone’s blog and keeping up with other people’s lives. I’m really sorry its taken me so long to write a second update, but I seem to have been struggling to […]

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