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Posted 12th July 2009 by Tasha

It’s the time of year again for goodbyes all round. Uni has finished now and I already miss it, well the people anyway. Not so fussed about the coursework, lectures and such. Saying goodbye to people is one of my least favourite things in the world. I like people, they keep me happy, unless I’m […]

Almost Goodbye

Posted 29th June 2009 by Tasha

My visit to the psychiatrist last week was far from the usual whisking you in and out at 299,972,458 metres per second, instead I got a good forty-five minutes of how have you been, how’s the medication, etc. As a result of this unexpected interest I finally have new meds after a year of complaining […]

Feeling much, much better

Posted 17th June 2009 by Tasha

I rarely write when I’m manic. I think that it’s mostly because I can manage a broken sentence or two and any level of coherence becomes quite difficult. If a person can’t stay sat at a computer for more than five minutes then how can she be expected to write? Perhaps she needs to become […]

The Storm Approaches

Posted 28th May 2009 by Tasha

The storm is gathering on the horizon and I am feeling weird. Feeling weird is generally the prequel to a set of episodes that will not be fun for me or anyone else. I can see it coming as surely as I can see the clouds brewing up into castles, I can feel it like […]


Posted 17th April 2009 by Tasha

Because it takes me several weeks to write a single post this one will be a few days in short bursts with updates where appropriate. Apologies for the inconvenience. 21st March Things of late have been of a rapid cycling nature. I’m managing a few days up and a few days down but the speed […]

Keeping Quiet

Posted 2nd March 2009 by Tasha

Not much has happened. This is all of it. When I started uni this time around I decided I wasn’t going to tell anyone about the whole manic depression thing. It was ok telling my friends because they’d seen it coming a mile off, even if I hadn’t. No one was surprised but me. I […]

Happy New Meds

Posted 11th January 2009 by Tasha

A rant, some new meds and maybe some other stuff. Maybe. People’s perceptions of manic depression and unipolar depression are screwed. It’s still not OK to be depressed despite all the publicity and famous people saying they suffer from depression. Look at them. They disappear for a while and come back saying “I’ve been really […]

Graduation and messing up again

Posted 1st December 2008 by Tasha

November, uni work and Christmas… sounds like a recipe for fun. Last Tuesday was graduation day for most of my friends. If Tuesday seems like an odd day to you then you’re not the only one. All my uni friends were there, getting their degrees, getting on with their lives and generally making me jealous. […]

Trying Harder

Posted 15th November 2008 by Tasha

October was yet another uppy-downy month, but I suppose that is to be expected. I’ve started CBT and have been trying to keep on top of my uni work, but I need to try harder. I had a really bad day on Monday. You can tell it’s bad when you’re back in bed by 10.30. […]


Posted 16th October 2008 by Tasha

Hi I’m Tasha and I have manic depression, bipolar disorder or whatever you want to call it. Personally I prefer the term manic depression because it seems like someone could easily say “a disorder? I had one of those once. The doctor gave me some cream and it went away.” People have odd senses of […]

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