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grrr friends

Posted 30th June 2010 by Tony

I need to get out, get out more… my friends are really depressing me atm, and it should never be like that. Most of them are miles away or constantly busy, the few I have nearby and growing in annoyance, always disinterested or moody, I just feel left out or lonely all the time and […]

Things to look forward to

Posted 19th June 2010 by Tony

A ray of sunshine has started to creep through over these past few day’s. I’ve been working really hard on keeping active, well in a matter of speaking. I’ve been forcing msyelf to stay awake and busy, to try and break out of my patern of fatigue and drowssiness, and thats been going great. I […]

Nearly Tears

Posted 12th June 2010 by Tony

Nearly came to tears today, after a rough start of work, having a few people I knew online at the time saved me from an upsetting end to the day. Today nearly got on top of me, I was on the brink of tears at one point, they where just on the edge of seeping […]

A Happy Day

Posted 9th June 2010 by Tony

Today has been weired, why… well generally its been a day that’s just felt pretty happy, rather unussual for me, as reflected by the tone of most of my blog pots. Errr realising now that writing this now about “today”, might not make much sense, I guess by now I actually mean yesterday. Anyway, I’ve […]

Support Wanted

Posted 6th June 2010 by Tony

I think I windge about this a lot, but dam I’m so fed up of not having any support atm, the sum of all parts of my life seems to = shit atm, and maybe I’m just weak and pathetic for not being abel to do much about it, but it feels like I have […]

Anger and Frustration

Posted 5th June 2010 by Tony

I’m so pissed off atm, I wish I had something cheap or unimportant that I could throw around just for the hell of it. Life is pissing me off atm, sure things can be worse, much worse, but in all honestly, I’m just really pissed off with things around me being fucking shit, friends who […]

coaching for life and profit

Posted 4th June 2010 by Tony

I’ve felt close to a break down recently, life has been getting on top of me, there as been some good things going on, but normally small things or short events that haven’t impacted my overall mood in the way I would have liked. Essentially the entire year as gone ¬†pretty crap for me, I’ve […]


Posted 10th April 2010 by Tony

I’m feeling really lonely atm, my month[s] haven’t been going very well, I don’t have people close to me I can rely on at home, and on top of that I’ve been loosing a considerable amount of money, and when I’m not loosing, I’m not earning it to balance the books, so on balance I’m […]

Depressing Depression

Posted 27th February 2010 by Tony

This month has been a depressing, more of the same of previous month, but with less light visible at the end of the tunnel. I’ve lost some confidence, and have struggled to get done what I need, which has added a lot of financial pressure and leaves me anxious as to whether I can turn […]

Changing Circumstance + Mood

Posted 20th January 2010 by Tony

After falling behind at university through illness I decided to drop out late November, with a plan to return next year. It was a relief at first, to not have the pressure of trying to catch up, and although I know I made the right decision my mood has begun to slip. I turned my […]

Reading my own story

Posted 24th October 2009 by Tony

I’ve just been reading my own story on the website, its really strange to see it all written out like that, eye opening in a way. I’ve been ill for a few weeks now, I have recovered a lot, but I am still pretty weak. This has given me an all too convenient excuse to […]

feeling terrible

Posted 2nd October 2009 by Tony

well I found the blog lol. I feel terrible, in more ways then one. Its fair to say that I rely extensively on a hobby / obsession to pull me through my meh day’s, that hasn’t been going so well, despite doing okay for the past couple of months I’m really not happy with my […]


Posted 25th September 2009 by Tony

Hi, it appears I’m somewhat late, really not used to yahoo. Today has been a good day, not sure what to occupy myself with atm though, will be chating online at 3am with some friends so I need to be awake for that, so I suppose I should just relax and wind down so I […]

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