Build support networks

Depression thrives on isolation and inappropriate ‘independence’. Challenge the barriers you’ve imposed against seeking help and build a support network step by step. There are many different ways in which other people can provide support.

Build support networks

What’s stopping you getting help?

Think about whether you have outdated or immature attitudes preventing you from seeking help

Talking to someone

Think about the many ways in which talking to someone can help and identify who you will talk to first.

Worried about someone?

Advice and strategies for those wanting to support someone else who may be affected by depression.

Peer support options

Consider all the different ways in which friends and other students can support you.

University or college support

Universities and colleges really want to help – it’s in their interests! Make use of the wide variety of services they offer.

Building a good support network

Identify the support you already have and the other sources of support that you can follow up.