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A final catchup post before I leave…

Posted 20th June 2016 by Pete

This year has been quite sporadic with keeping up with blogs, but second year was a whole new kettle of fish, no idea how I’m going to cope with third year, but fingers crossed for that first! I have been asked to write a catch up blog for December, January and February – strange I […]

Third Year Closing Speeches…

Posted 17th June 2016 by Pete

And so the closing speeches come for the third year, this has  been a very different year for me, usually in my closing posts, I talk about overcoming a problem, or developing, but this year, for me anyway, it has been trying to identify why depression sets in and what is actually is. At least […]

Pete has certainly bounced

Posted 1st February 2016 by Pete

The Comeback moment of the year, or at least of my year! Guys, I have just read your comments, from Mina, Harry and Rob…Your comments were so so appreciated and has meant the world to me. They really really have helped me to battle through, so i really hope you know how much they have […]

January 2015

Posted 31st January 2016 by Zoe

Hi guys The past month hasn’t been too amazing, there’s been a few days where I’ve literally not got out of bed. I think my anxiety levels have slowly been rising, and a few nights I’ve woken up and had a full panic attack. I’m moving forward pretty quickly with my studies, and I’m suddenly […]

Location, Location, Location.

Posted 30th January 2016 by Isobel

Hello Everyone I hope that everyone’s enjoying this semester at University as I am sure we are all well underway with our coursework and things by now. I can’t believe how quick the year is going so far, already half way through! I remember this time last year I was really down as it was […]

seeking counsel

Posted 29th January 2016 by Mark

Recently I have organized long-term counselling, which is going to take a bit of time and money. I had to swallow this and just go for it, because I think that I shouldn’t put a price/time on my mental health. Now that I’m set for some long-term therapy (outside of university), I’ve been feeling pretty […]

Plans –

Posted 28th January 2016 by Pete

Like many graduates, we constantly fret for the future, and the impeding doom that graduation brings means there is nothing but the big wide world at  your feet. Many mantras are thrown around like “The World is your Oyster” or “If you’re not careful it will chew you up and spit you out” Equally both […]

Wow….You learn something new about yourself everyday!!!!

Posted 27th January 2016 by Joelle

Hi Guys Hope the beginning of the academic year is going as smoothly as possible for all you readers! Yesterday I had my weekly mentor session – by the way, if your university offers mentoring/counselling sessions, I would seriously suggest using the service, I will explain why a bit later  – and he made me […]

Depression: Expectation vs Reality

Posted 26th January 2016 by Students Against Depression

– Tammy I remembered when I was 17 I saw these posters at a local cinema with a lady in her 40s, palm in her face and with tears streaming down her eyes. The caption said something like “Your loved ones might be experiencing depression and you don’t know it” and beneath it was a […]


Posted 25th January 2016 by Daya

Hey, Does anyone feel like the work is piling up and you time is not on your side? I definitely do. Life is so busy, all the time, lots to think about academically, emotionally, physically. Taking it out of me. I have to now think about the transition of moving from shared living in a […]

How quickly depression can set in?

Posted 24th January 2016 by Pete

Hi Guys, I’m just thinking about today in particular as it’s been a rather lazy and unproductive day and I feel so down – is it depression, I suppose it is if I wanted to call it that but I just think its a down day. I’ve felt very un-motivated recently, I keep making plans […]

New year, new attitude?

Posted 23rd January 2016 by Dean

Well, the New Year has been and gone, and January has absolutely flown by. I can’t believe that we are nearly reaching the end of the month already. It feels like I have done loads, but at the same time haven’t done enough. I came back to Uni on New Year’s Day, and have been […]


Posted 21st January 2016 by Isobel

Hello Everyone and Happy New year! Sorry I am so late in getting this months blog up but it has been a hectic start to the new year for me with family and friends and getting back into the swing of uni after a relaxing break. I took sometime over the last few weeks and […]

‘If it Scares you it might be a good thing’

Posted 20th January 2016 by Isobel

I have been thinking alot recently about how I deal with changes, how I always get nostalgic when I big change is coming and how it scares me (hence the title of this months blog) and I often wind up getting depressed and thinking that where I am now and what I did before is better […]

Blame and Blaming Something else…

Posted 19th January 2016 by Pete

Hi fellow bloggers and to any and all students facing depression or a constant depressive state. Before you continue to read this blog, I would strongly encourage you list 5 things that contribute to your depression, it can be any person, any feeling, any emotion, any circumstance…and I’m hoping to prove something to you, to […]

Albi Maksor = heart broken in arabic

Posted 18th January 2016 by Daya

So, I discovered that when someone you’ve known for a very long time, who you knew was significant in your life but didn’t realise just how much them going away could effect your life…. now I have learnt. My sister has been away for a couple of months and I have missed her a lot. […]

Coping With Loss

Posted 17th January 2016 by Dean

So, today I’m going to talk about something that happened to me last week, an event I had to attend. I think I mentioned in a previous post that I had a very good friend who sadly committed suicide two years ago next month (I’ll not be mentioning her name for obvious reasons). This was […]

Minor Slip

Posted 16th January 2016 by Dean

Today, I had a minor slip in how I felt about myself, especially with regards to my work, and I wanted to talk about what was the problem, how I dealt with it, and how that has left me feeling now. So, as I said in a previous post, we are in the process of […]

A portrait of life with anxiety and depression

Posted 15th January 2016 by Students Against Depression

– Rebecca Down When I try to explain what it’s like to live with anxiety and depression, I say that it’s like being continually confronted by two bullies as you try to make your way through daily life. Almost any event can set one bully off screaming at you: “How dare you try to enjoy […]

Dissertation Year

Posted 14th January 2016 by Daya

Hello all, another year for me here, 4th to be exact. If you are like me you are asking yourself, how did you manage to get this far with all the crap in the world and in our daily lives. But: its dissertation year and we made it. That’s a lot of essays, exams, revision, […]

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