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Look after your mate

Posted 10th April 2014 by Students Against Depression

This month Students Against Depression has been pleased to contribute to the Look After Your Mate campaigns pack, a fantastic new resource compiled by our partners Student Minds! Equipping students to look out for their friends’ mental health must be a university – wide priority A national campaign launches this Wednesday 9th April to equip […]

Fundraising at Harrogate College!

Posted 12th March 2014 by Students Against Depression

CWMT trainer Aileen Moore was delighted to meet staff at Harrogate College for informative training last week. The North Yorkshire college, which specialises in vocational courses open to students of all ages and backgrounds, has kindly shown its support for Students Against Depression via an exciting fundraiser. By making and selling jewellery students and staff […]

Preparing for an intimidating few weeks

Posted 3rd March 2014 by Judith

Another fortnight has passed, and its now only 6 weeks until the London Marathon. It’s also only four weeks until my mid-year review for my PhD. So a nice calm and gentle time all round! At the end of each year of your PhD two academics who are not your supervisor look over your work […]

RESPOND (Reducing Stress and Preventing Depression)

Posted 27th February 2014 by Students Against Depression

At Students Against Depression we’re delighted to be working with students and staff at Exeter University to together tackle depression. Great new research into rumination and the impact of internet-based therapies is being carried out by two of our colleagues, Lorna Cook and Professor Ed Watkins. If you’d like to get involved in their exciting […]

Charity Feature: Students Against Depression

Posted 26th February 2014 by Students Against Depression

Last Wednesday (19th February 2014) we were pleased to team up with the fantastic Student Minds for University Mental Health Day! To celebrate the day we joined our partner student-led charities in blogging about all the great work student do for mental health in the UK. You can read our entry on Students Against Depression […]

I have a plan

Posted 17th February 2014 by Judith

Yesterday was the first sunny weekend day for about three months, for most people this meant pub lunches, walks in the sunshine and maybe even tidying up the storm damage in the garden. But for me yesterday was something far scarier. Eight weeks to go until the London marathon. Yesterday was the first of my […]

The start of a very long road

Posted 3rd February 2014 by Judith

This is my first in a series of blog posts that is going to chart my training as I prepare for the London marathon in April. So first of all, who am I? Well, my name is Judith and I’m a perpetual student. I’m one of those people who love to study and learn new […]

That time of year again!

Posted 13th December 2013 by Daya

Hello, So xmas has come around again. I think xmas can be a tome to take a break, be with loved ones or a recipe for disaster and depression. This year, I have decided to opt out of all and give me time to charity on xmas day. I am hoping, being with children who […]

WELCOME TO MY BLOG!! First of the Year!

Posted 1st October 2013 by Joelle

First post of the year – sorry it is a little late! For those of you who didn’t follow my blog last year, a little introduction: My name is Joelle; I am a student now in my final year, finally! I started suffering from panic disorder when I was 16 during the time in which […]

Welcome back!

Posted 30th September 2013 by Isobel

Hey everyone! I am back after a very long summer to start my final year at University – Scary stuff right?! All summer my final year has been this fairly abstract thing in my head that would come around at some point and I would easily deal with it and now it’s hear the pressure […]

Chef Hugh backs his team’s Olympic efforts in memory of a much-missed colleague

Posted 12th September 2013 by Chris Titley

TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is backing intrepid members of his film production company as they take part in a triathlon in memory of a much-loved colleague.

Keep safe on World Suicide Prevention Day

Posted by Chris Titley

More lives are lost each year through suicide than through murder and war combined. Nearly one million people take their own lives across the world annually – an average of a death every 40 seconds.

Alexander Armstrong: ‘TV performances inspired by amazing friend’

Posted 31st July 2013 by Students Against Depression

Broadcaster, actor and comedian Alexander Armstrong is entertaining millions with his impressions of singing stars – inspired by the memory of a friend who lost his life to depression.

Catch up blog

Posted 10th July 2013 by Zoe

January- This month is quite  a daunting one for me, my academic life takes a turn, as I’m now thrown into professional work. Although I know I have the knowledge, my confidence is at an all time low, and it’s very hard to believe I can do things. Nobody ever notices at work or university, […]

End of an era…

Posted 1st July 2013 by Joelle

Okay, so the time has come.  The official end of the academic year.  It has flown by so quickly.  1 more year and I will be a graduate with BSc (Hons) Psychology.  I can’t quite believe it and when I think about the journey I have taken to get to this point, I feel very […]

Summer break is here!

Posted 29th June 2013 by Daya

Summer break is here! Well, I say summer, but…. I don’t know about you, but I feel getting through academic pressures at university and the social aspects that come with it means that we need a good break. So, I for one am thankful for this time of year! But, some of us may question, […]

Still trying to come to terms with everything all coming to an end

Posted by Daya

I am still trying to come to terms with everything all coming to an end all at once! Sometimes I do wonder about the structure of society. I know this is going to sound random but questions that I wonder about: why do schools, people’s jobs, shopping centres, businesses etc all start at the same […]

My final blog of the year!!

Posted 21st June 2013 by Isobel

Hey everyone   Well it’s my last blog. I can’t believe a whole year has gone by so quickly, my life has changed so much it’s all most unrecognizable now! I am so much happier now than I was last year, I have been able to deal with a lot of my issues that I […]

Signing Off

Posted 19th June 2013 by Dean

So the time has come to write a final entry, so I thought I would quickly sum up a few thoughts I’ve had about my experience of using this blogring. I think that I’ve learnt quite a lot over the past year, both from writing about myself, and from reading what other people say, and […]

Noticing the different

Posted 17th June 2013 by Pete

Hello Everyone, This is my penultimate blog, which is quite a weird situation, as this is my third year. I have had such fun through this project and I hope that my blogs have been interesting to read, or at least hope that someone read them lol! I have found this project extremely useful, to […]

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