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Plans for the Summer

Posted 11th June 2013 by Rory

  Hi everyone, Hope your all well and looking forward to the summer.  I have quite a lot of fun things lined up for this summer such as a holiday with my friends, and a few music festivals which I have been looking forward to all year. I think having these planned has really helped […]

June – Start of the Summer

Posted by Rory

  Hi guys, So its just hit the start of June and my grades for university are all starting to come back, and so far I think they reflect my hard work and persistence over the last few months. Its a great feeling as gives me a sense of accomplishment which really helps boost my […]

April blog

Posted by Rory

So it’s April now and crunch time for many university students I imagine, as exams/final deadlines are just around the corner. For me I have exams which have left me feeling very anxious most the time, but I feel like I’ve managed to channel this into productively through revision, and actually am starting to feel more confident. Exams are […]

March – Ups and Downs

Posted by Rory

  Hey guys, Sorry I haven’t been able to do this blog sooner, I’ve just been so busy  trying to keep on top of uni work! Since my last blog my mood’s been all over the place… I’ve tried to keep a positive out look for the future which I’d like to say I have maintained, […]

February – Reflection

Posted by Rory

February – reflection Hi everyone, Hope you have all been okay, I know the early months of a new year can make peoples mood drop. Once again, I have found my mood to sink pretty low at times this month, but with some good friends and some personal reflection, I’ve realised that I’m doing okay […]

Summer….Still as Busy

Posted by Pete

I often cannot underestimate the power and the benefits of remaining busy and the importance of maintaining a routine! As students, it is almost impossible to maintain a routine unless of course you are lucky enough to have the same start times of each days,  made difficult still with the excessive work we have to […]


Posted 10th June 2013 by Pete

Hello Guys, I’m now a year to go before graduating and I keep saying that when I graduate, it will finally feel like my life is my own again! I’m now finished with all compulsory ish education, with masters and above optional. I now have to make so many choices about what to do with […]

Summer is here!

Posted 7th June 2013 by Isobel

Hey everyone :o) How great is it to be out in the sunshine at the moment? Everything really does seem so much better in the sunshine, everyone just seems so much happier. It has made such a difference to my dealing with stress recently, when it’s sunny it helps me get everything in perspective. Realize […]

Finally it’s time to relax!!!!

Posted 31st May 2013 by Joelle

Hi all How is everyone? I can safely say I am probably the happiest person alive.  The  academic year is over, exams are done and now it is time to relax and take a breath. Reflect on the year…what could I have done better? What did I do well? Is there anything I excelled at? […]

Carrying on…!

Posted 7th May 2013 by Dean

So, the weather has finally turned really nice, and that has been pretty good! It’s just a shame that rather than being outside enjoying it, I have to be cooped up in the lab working away! Things have been pretty busy, but mostly just getting on with my work really. I have also been spending […]

Looking back over my shoulder

Posted by Isobel

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing great this month and that Uni is going well or you are enjoying your new freedom from exams and coursework! I have had a manic month – deadlines – moving house – family stuff etc etc – and as a result I have had a few down days and […]

Trudging on

Posted 3rd May 2013 by Martha

Work is still enjoyable and I’m getting on great with most of the staff. I’m surprised at how well I’ve stuck to this job. Although at the moment I do really need the money because my bursary has been stopped due to my poor attendance. I really am trying to buck up my ideas, but […]

End of Year

Posted 2nd May 2013 by Daya

How come everything comes to an end all at the same time? Football, University, Netball season, Uni placement…. I am sure other things have come to an end in your lives at this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that yet another year of uni will be over and life will become […]

Sorry for the delay – Exams Exams Exams = Stress Stress Stress

Posted 1st May 2013 by Joelle

Hi to everyone I hope people aren’t as stressed out as me at the moment.  I HATE this time of year with a passion and I seem to never learn from my mistakes. They tell you to read throughout the year and yet I always find myself not doing it, getting to exam period and […]

Summer’s here!?

Posted 19th April 2013 by Dean

Well, the weather has definitely improved recently. It feels like the turn in the weather has gone hand in hand with the change in the success of my research, so hopefully it will continue! I have had some great news in the last week, as my supervisor has decided that we should move to publish […]


Posted 6th April 2013 by Pete

[[This post is of general wonderings that I hope students and others alike can seek solace in, or at least empathize with and maybe will strike a cord within you]]   QUICK…QUICK! YOU HAVE TO DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE NOW! In your 20’s…Because everyone else knew exactly […]

Here comes the sun!

Posted 3rd April 2013 by Isobel

Hey everyone! The sun is shining, the clocks have gone forward (which means lots more daylight each day) and it’s nearly the end of the academic year! I am one happy girl this month, March was really fantastic, last month I was feeling really nostalgic and struggling to get my head round all the changes […]

Easter Break…Ish

Posted 30th March 2013 by Dean

Hi all, Well, the Easter break has come round for most! I would like a longer break, but I will be making the most of being off from Good Friday until Monday. I definitely need to recharge my batteries before getting back into my work! Work has been getting pretty stressful recently as I realise […]


Posted 26th March 2013 by Pete

Hi Guys, I must apologise for my absence, second year course load and everything else that goes with being a second year has kept me very busy…Almost to the point of shock that this academic year is almost over. As well as surviving the required amount of work, it’s been hunting for work exp and […]

Feeling much better!

Posted 18th March 2013 by Joelle

Well, after that terrible February, I am glad to report that I am feeling much better.  I think being open with friends, family, mentors etc… helped me a lot.  Plus knowing that what I was feeling wasn’t going to last and that I had got through it before and that I am not the only […]

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