Student Issues

Student life has many benefits, but it also imposes inevitable stresses. Below, we’ve got different sections on common student pressures and problems – check them out to get tips on how to manage them and avoid triggering or worsening stress or depression.

Stress & Depression

Learn about the ways in which the transition to uni can be a source of stress, and what times in the academic year you might feel more stress. Read more


Homesickness can take you by surprise – here’s where to learn about what homesickness is and what factors might be causing you to feel that way. Read more


Some level of financial pressure and debt is now an almost unavoidable part of student life. Managing this area of your life carefully is essential to protect yourself against depression. Read more


Here’s some tips on how to manage living with others students, and where to get help with any accommodation issues. Read more


Very few students sail through their degrees without a few study problems. Addressing issues sooner rather than later is vital in order to prevent study problems getting you down. Read more

Identity & Self Development

The student experience is very much about self-development as well as ‘training’ for a career. It is an exciting time, but also potentially a stressful one. Read more


The student ‘stereotype’ is that everyone is always out partying with loads of friends, but in reality many students will experience bouts of loneliness during their time at uni. It’s worth taking your time to build friendships with the right people for you. Read more

Extra Adjustments

Feeling different to other students, for whatever reason, can in itself be stressful. Learn about the difficulties you might face and how to deal with them. Read more