Sharing a living space with people outside the family is one of the quintessential student experiences. The art of compromise is essential!

Sharing your living space

Sharing living space with people outside the family is part of student experience for the majority, whether in halls of residence, or in various forms of shared private accommodation. This can provide an easy source of social support, friendship and fun, but it can also be difficult and stressful. The art of compromise is essential! It is also helpful to learn about assertive communication, so that you are able to negotiate confidently without getting into conflict.

Help with accommodation issues

Reasonably comfortable and secure accommodation is a very basic human need, so the distress caused by accommodation problems can very easily leave a way open for depression. Wardens and accommodation officers should be able to provide support for dealing with problems in university or college run accommodation. In private accommodation this is a little trickier, but the accommodation office should still be able to advise. Again, assertive communication is an essential skill.

Choosing accommodation

When looking for private accommodation, think carefully about who to live with. It can sometimes be easier to live with people who aren’t your very closest friends. Most unis and colleges offer advice about entering the private housing market in their area. Be very careful when signing up to the significant legal contract a rental agreement represents – get proper advice about it. For tips for avoiding problems with deposits, troublesome landlords, pest infestations and many more see the London Student Housing Guide (link below).