Some level of financial pressure and debt is now an almost unavoidable part of student life. Managing this area of your life carefully is essential to protect yourself against depression.

Money worries

Some students need to be completely self-supporting while others have significant family support, adding complex social pressures to the already-difficult task of staying within a tight budget. Excessive worrying about debt can provide fertile ground for depression. So can taking a head-in-the-sand approach and creating a huge future burden of debt.

Financial advice

Most universities and colleges now provide financial advisers to help students find their way through the maze of funding. Many will provide information and resources to help with money and debt management. If depression is affecting you severely enough to prevent you working, then disability support staff can advise about the disabled students allowance.


Having a part-time job can help ease financial pressure, and may also be a source of good ‘life experience’, fun and an alternative social life. Juggling work, study and social commitments can, however, offer a difficult time management challenge. Make sure your paid work still leaves realistic space for individual study time as well as your lectures and seminars. Keeping busy can protect you from depression, but over-committing and exhausting yourself works in the opposite direction. See the time management section on the study page.