Changing attitudes

Changing the attitudes and patterns of thinking that maintain depression is one of the most effective longer-term strategies for overcoming depression and building resistance to its return. The strategies described in this section are based on the techniques of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy which has a strong evidence base as an effective therapy for both anxiety and depression.

changing attitudes


Understanding your depression

Understand your own depression symptoms, the vulnerability factors and triggers as the basis for planning the most effective strategies for you. Read more

Identifying depressed thinking

Take action and learn general techniques for identifying the forms of depressed thinking you are in the habit of. Read more

Challenging depressed thinking

Depression can be resisted or even tackled. Come to grips with basic strategies for modifying and disrupting your depressed thinking patterns. Read more

Modifying stress levels

Making simple changes in your day to day life can help prevent stress spiralling out of control. Read more

Managing anxiety & anger

You have the power to manage your anxiety and anger levels. Understand ways to address the thinking patterns and behaviour which contribute to anxiety and anger spirals. Read more

Learning self compassion

From time to time we all have a habit of being too hard on ourselves – this is particualry the case when stress, anxiety and depression enter the equation. You have the power to challenge the corrosive habit of self bullying. Read more