Living well

Living Well looks at the longer-term skills and strategies that make for a happier life. These strategies are useful for anybody, and are important as a way to build in long-term resistance to depression returning.

living well


Practising mindfulness

Powerful skills for learning how to stop struggling against life and start living in the present moment. Read more

Acceptance and emotional literacy

Knowing how to recognise, understand and express your emotions – and purposefully accepting what cannot be changed in life. Read more

Communicating assertively

Expressing your emotions and needs constructively, as an alternative to anxious passivity or angry aggression. Read more

Building good relationships

Using listening skills to show you are truly open to others, and at the same time being ready to communicate your own feelings honestly. Read more

Planning a life worth living

Assessing whether you are living your life according to the values that will make it meaningful to you – and, if not, making the changes necessary to bring this about. Read more

Taking action for happiness

Learning about the many other skills and habits which have been shown to support greater happiness. Read more