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Depression: Expectation vs Reality

Posted 26th January 2016 by Students Against Depression

– Tammy I remembered when I was 17 I saw these posters at a local cinema with a lady in her 40s, palm in her face and with tears streaming down her eyes. The caption said something like “Your loved ones might be experiencing depression and you don’t know it” and beneath it was a […]

A portrait of life with anxiety and depression

Posted 15th January 2016 by Students Against Depression

– Rebecca Down When I try to explain what it’s like to live with anxiety and depression, I say that it’s like being continually confronted by two bullies as you try to make your way through daily life. Almost any event can set one bully off screaming at you: “How dare you try to enjoy […]

‘I’m on the road to recovery from depression thanks to a brilliant website’

Posted 5th January 2016 by Students Against Depression

Judith runs London Marathon to support Students Against Depression A Bristol student ran the London Marathon to support the website which helped her overcome debilitating depression. Judith Robinson, 24, credits the Students Against Depression site for giving her the confidence to carry on during some of her darkest moments. Now enjoying life for the first […]

Exam Stress

Posted 1st January 2016 by Students Against Depression

At this time of year, lots of us are feeling the stress of getting back into the swing of things after the Christmas holidays, and taking January exams. For some of us, these are the first exams we’ve taken at university – and these ones are real! It’s important to find strategies that help deal […]

It Gets Brighter

Posted 31st December 2015 by Students Against Depression

On Wednesday 28th January, students from Oxford University launched the It Gets Brighter campaign. The campaign invites people from around the world to end the silence about mental health by collecting short videos of hope from individuals who have experienced a mental health difficulty and those who support them. Ms Emma Lawrance, It Gets Brighter […]

What is Mindfulness?

Posted 30th December 2015 by Students Against Depression

– Sophie Dishman Mindfulness is simply being aware of something. Think of knowing that a car is coming or that the microwave is going to beep. You are aware of that happening. You can also do this with your thoughts, feelings and actions. Many of us are on ‘automatic’, we don’t think about things, we […]

Depression: My Experience

Posted 29th December 2015 by Students Against Depression

– Harriet I think in a way the last few months have been kind of enlightening as I fully came to terms with this disease and interestingly I found I was embarrassed to put it online for everyone to see. So now it’s time to come clean and be truly honest about what’s been happening. […]

Announcing the Parents’ Guide to Depression

Posted 5th December 2014 by Students Against Depression

With their first term over, many new university students will return home for the holidays full of stories of forged friendships and exciting adventures. But for others, the experience will have been a challenging one. They may have struggled with feelings of homesickness, isolation, anxiety and stress. A survey in November 2014 found that those aged between 18 […]

Positive Minds

Posted 22nd October 2014 by Students Against Depression

In the Autumn of 2014, Students Against Depression collaborated with Student Minds to launch Positive Minds, a 6-week course for tackling low mood and depression. The Positive Minds course has been designed to give students the skills they need to keep low mood at bay. If you are interested in learning new ideas to help […]

Look after your mate

Posted 10th April 2014 by Students Against Depression

This month Students Against Depression has been pleased to contribute to the Look After Your Mate campaigns pack, a fantastic new resource compiled by our partners Student Minds! Equipping students to look out for their friends’ mental health must be a university – wide priority A national campaign launches this Wednesday 9th April to equip […]

Fundraising at Harrogate College!

Posted 12th March 2014 by Students Against Depression

CWMT trainer Aileen Moore was delighted to meet staff at Harrogate College for informative training last week. The North Yorkshire college, which specialises in vocational courses open to students of all ages and backgrounds, has kindly shown its support for Students Against Depression via an exciting fundraiser. By making and selling jewellery students and staff […]

RESPOND (Reducing Stress and Preventing Depression)

Posted 27th February 2014 by Students Against Depression

At Students Against Depression we’re delighted to be working with students and staff at Exeter University to together tackle depression. Great new research into rumination and the impact of internet-based therapies is being carried out by two of our colleagues, Lorna Cook and Professor Ed Watkins. If you’d like to get involved in their exciting […]

Charity Feature: Students Against Depression

Posted 26th February 2014 by Students Against Depression

Last Wednesday (19th February 2014) we were pleased to team up with the fantastic Student Minds for University Mental Health Day! To celebrate the day we joined our partner student-led charities in blogging about all the great work student do for mental health in the UK. You can read our entry on Students Against Depression […]

Alexander Armstrong: ‘TV performances inspired by amazing friend’

Posted 31st July 2013 by Students Against Depression

Broadcaster, actor and comedian Alexander Armstrong is entertaining millions with his impressions of singing stars – inspired by the memory of a friend who lost his life to depression.

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